WW2 land, sea and air forces of the Allied Nations planning, training and operating together as a unified force on amphibious raids and landings against the enemy.

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TRAINING 1947 to 1950

Amphibious landing training exercises continued after the war in this case at Ekernforde in Schleswick Holstein in northern Germany in early 1948.

Background Photo Gallery Acknowledgments  


I joined the Army RASC (DUKW) section from D-Day until 1950. I did several jobs with DUKWs (amphibious front wheel drive utility trucks) prior to starting at the training school in Eckernforde. It was In 1947 that I first attended the Amphibious training school at Eckenforde north Germany where we practiced landing craft operations with LSTs (Landing Ship Tank) and LCTs (Landing Craft Tank) generally but mainly with LCT 4099 and an LST named SUVERLA(?.) The photos that follow were taken during training exercises with these craft, mainly in loading and unloading.

All the photos were taken on Combined Operations manoeuvres at Ekernforde in Schleswick Holstein in northern Germany in early 1948. I'm not certain if the Combined Operations Insignia was still worn at this time. It was certainly in use at the Rhine crossing in Germany when LCIs (Landing Craft Infantry) were transported overland on tank transporter trailers to the banks of the River Rhine. This was on the 23 rd of March 1945. What happened to the boats or crew as we went forward I don't know.

As the Sergeant in charge one of my last jobs was to take three DUKWs down to Hamburg where we loaded Sunderland flying boats with supplies on the river Elbe as part of the Berlin airlift operation of 1948 -1949. The Russians had closed the land corridor to Berlin and the airlift was the only way to supply those sectors of Berlin under the control of the United States, the UK and France. I was later put on detail to go to Korea, but I'd had enough of war, so I came home.

Photo Gallery

  1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Crew of 4099. First taste of rum. Front squady "Dinger" Bell with author at the  back.
2 4099
3 DD floating Tank that could make for a beach under their own power. Kept afloat inside a waterproof canvas shroud.

DD Tank showing the canvas shroud in the down position.

5 DUKW going aboard 4099
6 DD Tank with DUKW in the background.
  7 8 9 10 11 12
7 LCT 4148.
8 LCT 4099, LCT 4148 and LST SULVA(?)
9 Neptune going on board.

DD Tank.

11 Author teaching seamanship.
12 Author with Neptune Tank.
  13 14 15 16 17 18
13 Hoochin in Holland


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Written by Ralph Marsh who also provided the photographs.

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