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Photos of Cloth Badges on Uniforms Roosevelt in Scotland Frank Stone PLUTO
Commando Cap Badge F Troop No 4 Commando LCA 591
LCT 980 DUKW (Royal Marine) Re-enactor Information
Stolen War Medals Book - Operation Jubilee Fort Southwick, Portsmouth
Gortenfern Beach, Kentra HMS Iris & HMS Daffodil Tanker Convoy TM-1
American WW2 Hospitals in England WW2 French Medal Naval Combined Ops Badge
Medical for Normandy Landings HMS Daffodil Mulberry Harbours Labour Force
USA Troops in Fochriw S Wales Supporting Forces Charities HMS Robertson & HMS Roseneath
  No 10 (I.A.) Commando Combined Ops Badges
Which Flotilla D-Day +2? LST 200 Project Plough & Geoffrey Pyke
Walcheren Veterans The Commando Association Empire Broadwood
LCT(E) 399 The Vera Radcliffe HMS Runic (Op PLUTO)
Training Establishment in Cumberland PLUTO, Arromanches & R.E. 'GRB' of No 9 Commando
US Memorial - Omaha Beach 1945 UK & USA Forces in WW2 11(Scottish (Commando) March
Medal Ribbon with Rosette PLUTO - Lt Col Howard Everett Tanks in Loch Fyne
Landing Craft on Loch Fyne Brookwood Memorial Lest we forget
Mississippi River Boats HMS Brontosaurus/HMS King Alfred PLUTO HQ?
PLUTO - Greatstone, Kent Royal Naval Commando Uniforms Combined Operations Badge
Australian Combined Operations Volunteers required for Legasee War Veterans Project RM Commando Vehicles
Dutch 'Observer Corp' Equipment Ships Bound for North Africa in 1942 Thames River Cruiser FRAMAR
Captain Adam Leask / Koksoak River, Northern Quebec HMS Misoa Badge Mystery WW2 Vessel
Dutch/English Translation PLUTO's Agricultural Tractors Preserved WW2 Landing Craft
HMS Glenearn HMS Hilary Fairlie House, Ayrshire
Memorial to Operation Archery on Maaloy US Combined Special Operations Patch  


US Combined Special Operations Patch. I'm the Director of the Fort Tuthill Military Museum Regimental Museum of the 158th Infantry Regiment/158th Regimental Combat Team Arizona National Guard.

Several years ago a woman accompanied her aging American Indian Grandfather on a tour of our museum. She gave us a picture of her Grandfather and two other American Indian soldiers taken in the Solomon Islands during WW II. She advised all three were members of the 158th Infantry Regiment. She also showed us a picture of a the Combined Special Operations Patch they wore. Although the regiment saw extensive combat in New Guinea and the Philippines they were not involved in the Solomon Islands. We are attempting to determine how three members of the 158th Infantry wound up in the Solomon Islands as a part of a Combined Special Operations Unit. In the event you have any information that may assist us or might be able to suggest a contact it would be sincerely appreciated .

Thank you very much.

James Warbassee

Fort Tuthill Military Museum
Memorial to Operation Archery on Maaloy. I am trying to find information and possibly a picture of a monument that was dedicated on Aug 30th 1970 on the island of Maaloy in Norway. It commemorates those members of HM Armed Forces who died in the combined operation which took place on December 27th 1941.  My uncle, RCAF Pilot Officer Roderick McLachlan's name is inscribed on the monument which is described as being made of granite, six metres high surmounted by a golden ball held by two hands.

Thank you for any help you can provide in my search. I am 78 years old and trying to gather up some family history to leave to my five children and nine grandchildren.

Ronald McLachlan
Fairlie House in WW2. Greetings from Dundonald in Ayrshire. I’m trying to find out what unit (don’t even know the service) was stationed in Fairlie House during WW2, a stately home not far from RAF Dundonald.  I know nearby Dankeith House was the HQ for 516 and 1441 Squadrons, but it seems likely that Fairlie House was also commandeered for wartime use. I know men stationed there played football with the local lads. Any information would be most welcome.
Regards and thanks

Bob McMillan
HMS Hilary. My Father, William Louthe, was a fireman on the HMS Hilary at Juno beach. I am attaching information on him and a wartime photo. He is center back row. I am looking for photos of the crew, my father and any information about him.

Thank you in anticipation. Alan Louthe

HMS Glenearn. I read with interest your article on HMS Glenearn. My 97 year old Dad, Robbie Clark, remembers the ship as the one that evacuated him from Souda Bay Crete just before the German invasion. He says it was the last ship to leave. I wonder if anyone knows when this evacuation happened. My Dad was taken prisoner at Tobruk on 21st June 1942 and together we're trying to work out the timeline of these momentous events in his life.

Kind regards

Mike Clark
Preserved WW2 Landing Craft. Does anyone know where I could take my Dad to see a Landing Craft for his 90th birthday in June. He served in the Navy but missed the D Day landings due to a broken back.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Ged Burrows
PLUTO's Agricultural Tractors. I was recently looking through old copies of the Alton Gazette (Hampshire) and came across the following for 6 January 1971 in the ‘25 Years Ago’ section, '1946 4 Jan., two agricultural ploughing machines returned to Wrights by the Petroleum Warfare Department after working on Operation Pluto.’

Edward Walton Wright, traction engine proprietor, moved to The Butts, Alton, about 1900. He died in 1933 when business continued as Wright’s (Alton) Ltd. I am wondering if anyone knows anything more about the ploughing machines that went from Alton to be part of the Operation.


Jane (Hurst)

Dutch/English Translation. I’m looking for help in translating a short story of the part my Dutch uncle played in WW2 and how he came to fight with the Canadians against Hitler and his invasion. After the war was over, he emigrated to Canada returning to his native Netherlands after some years.

Thank you in anticipation,

Gordon Forbes

Mystery WW2 Vessel. I wonder if anyone can identify the vessel in the attached photo. I think it may be the landing craft my late father in law served on during the D Day invasion of Normandy. He said his craft carried American soldiers and, I think, tanks. I also recall him saying that it struck a mine after many trips back and forth across the channel. His name was Kenneth Watkins and he was a south Walian from Cefn Fforest, though he did spend a number of years working and living in Wolverhampton (pre war) before returning to Cefn Fforest. (Click photo to enlarge.)

For any info' you can give me, I would be very grateful.
Many thanks

Richard Green.

HMS Misoa's Badge. Greetings Geoff. As an avid collector of ships' badges, I have located a picture of HMS MISOA,  F117 LCT. I wonder if anyone has a picture of this ship's badge or knows where I may find one. The badge is a diamond frame and the ship has six battle honours and a motto we came, we saw, we conquered. With all this information to hand I'm keen to add an image of this ship's badge to my collection.  I would also appreciate any pictures of wartime badges (crests ) of any ships / boats used by the Combined Operations Command.

Warm regards

Tom Grant  

UK Merchant Marine, Captain Adam Leask was in a north Atlantic convoy in the fall of 1942, when his ship was sunk by enemy action. He and his crew were picked up and taken to Halifax. Unable to acquire a command to return to the UK, he joined the US Military and was given command of the Lt Colonel Matthews under the Command of the Corp of Engineers. His ship proceeded to the Koksoak River in Northern Quebec where the US were building one of three airports to ferry planes to the UK. This was a secret war time venture code named Crystal 1 to 3. His ship was towing a barge up this river when it apparently struck a hidden sand bar. The ship and all its crew were lost. I've tried for years to find out what happened to my grandfather and his crew. Were their bodies recovered? Where if any are they buried? Was there any recognition given to any of them? Any information or details of any place or person to contact will be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in anticipation,

Peter Leask

Thames River Cruiser FARMAR, London. The new owner of this boat believes it has an interesting WW2 history and would like to find out more. It seems FARMAR was one of several similar craft built in 1937 by the James Taylor Boatyard for the gentry of the day in and around Chertsey, Surrey. (N0165447 Reg 8/100). It was likely commandeered for war use. Listen to this youtube radio interview with video. If you can help, please phone David Bradford 07835301423 or e-mail this website and your message will be forwarded.

Ships bound for North Africa in 1942. Did you board any vessel in Liverpool or the Clyde on/or about 8 November 1942 bound for Algeria. Do you recall the convoy code MKS 3 or ships named Coamo, Mariposa or Borinquen? If so please contact David on the link opposite.

Dutch 'Observer Corp' Equipment. I am a 'Friend' of Fort Pannerden which is near the German border in Holland where the Rhine enters Holland and splits forming the river Waal and the Pannerdens Kanaal. Fort Pannerden was constructed around 1870 and has been recently renovated. During the early years of the "cold war" an observation post was positioned on top of the fort. (Photo opposite). It was manned by the Korps Luchtwacht Dienst from 1950 to 1964 when their primary task was to observe the movement of Russian aircraft over the area.

Ideally we would like to reinstate an identical apparatus which bears the trade name NEHOME and to find out more about it. Failing this we would look at the possibility of making a working copy.

I will be very grateful to hear from anyone with information that might help us achieve our goal. Just click on the e-mail icon opposite.

With kind regards,

Johan Kip

RM Commando Vehicles. I'm currently marking up a 1943 Jeep in 48 RM Commando unit markings along with Captain Martyn Heenan who is restoring a James ML motorbike. I wonder if anyone knows what markings were used on RM Commando vehicles involved in the D-Day landings - Combined Operations insignia or the Commando dagger? ... and did the markings change later in the war? We know the dagger was used post war, but we have also read that only HQ vehicles used the Combined Ops badge. Any opinions or sources of information we could consult would be very much appreciated. Cheers, Sean. (Also on 45 RM Commando page).

Legasee - ‘Become a part of History’ The Legasee War Veterans Project is looking for volunteers who want to tell their stories. As part of an exciting social history project, the film company Legasee is looking for war veterans who would like to have their stories filmed for posterity.

This footage will be used to launch a unique online archive of interviews for use by schools, colleges and members of the public. To kick-start the project, we’re looking for war veterans of any age who wish to recall their experiences in front of the camera for the benefit of future generations.  

It doesn’t matter what campaign or country they served in, or what role they played.  The Legasee war veterans project is completely free of charge, with any travel expenses paid – all we need is their knowledge, enthusiasm and a small amount of their time to take part in the filming. 

If you know anyone that’s interested, please ask them to email me giving their name, age, daytime phone number and brief details of their wartime service so we can contact them to discuss this further. We hope to hear from you, and please feel free to forward this email to any war veterans that you think might be interested.

Kind regards

Dave Player [Telephone: 01992 719363; Mobile: 07881 814 707].

Photos of British Army and Royal Marine Cloth Badges in use on Uniforms. I am completing a book which tells the story of the many cloth badges worn on battledress, khaki drill and jungle green uniforms by the British Army and Royal Marines between 1939 and 1967. I'm looking for original clear photos of such badges being worn - especially from the period 1946 to 1947.  If possible I would like to borrow original photos which will be scanned and returned by Royal Mail Special Delivery within a few days. I am happy to pay any postage incurred. Scans at 600 dpi are fine for my purpose if you would prefer not to send originals. If you can help please contact me on the e-mail link opposite. Many thanks in anticipation. Jon Mills
Combined Operations Badge. On 13 Jan 42 Mountbatten, Chief of the Combined Operations Command, issued a general invitation for designs to be submitted for a Combined Operations badge. On 19 Feb 42, from the many designs sent in, one of several submitted by Lt. D. A. Grant, R.N.V.R. of H.M.S. Tormentor, a landing craft training base at Hamble, Southampton, was approved. Together with his designs he provided notes relating to various images he thought suitable to represent each of the three services. He could not have foreseen the use of his design well into the 21st century in a number of countries worldwide. We know very little about Lt Grant. If you have any information please let us know.
Royal Naval Commando Uniforms. I've just joined Combinedops by paypal and already I have some questions which you might be able to help me with. All are about Royal Naval Commando uniforms. Firstly were green berets worn by ranks and ratings and if so what sort of cap badge was worn by other ranks? Secondly, did Royal Naval Commandos wear the yellow thread tombstone Combined Operations insignia on their battledress or was it for dress uniform? For those Commandos trained as parachutists, were the wings worn above or below the combined operations insignia on the right arm?... and finally what colours of lanyards did each Naval Commando wear as I believe each "letter" wore a different colour.

Many thanks for any help you can give. Simon Moore.

Greatstone , Kent - PLUTO Bungalows. I have started a website for Greatstone in Kent (where I live) at www.greatstone.net. I am working on building up the history and wish to add some information on  PLUTO which passed through the area. I have read your page on PLUTO and other information but can find no specific references to the role that Greatstone had in the operation. There's  plenty about Dungeness but nothing about Greatstone.

I am told, by a local resident that some of the bungalows in Leonard Road, Greatstone were somehow involved given that they are known locally as 'PLUTO bungalows.' Were they used to house pumping stations? If so pumping from where to where? How many were there etc etc. Did the pipelines go under the sea from Greatstone or from Dungeness? (given that some people do not differentiate between the two).

I am hoping either you can help me or you know someone who can. Thanks in anticipation. Peter Faulkner

PLUTO - Pipeline Under the Ocean. The Vicar of Pear Tree Church in Southampton was recently advised by a visitor that 'Old School House' in Pear Tree Road (opposite the church and built by the church before 'state' schools were common) was the wartime operation headquarters for PLUTO. However, he cannot verify that this was the case. No doubt the information is held in the National Archive in Kew but both the vicar and I would be interested to hear from anyone with information about this.

If we can verify this account I'll add information and photos (courtesy of the vicar) to the website's PLUTO page.


HMS Brontosaurus 1945/HMS King Alfred 1942. These group photos include my dad father and I'd love to hear from anyone in the photos or anyone who has any information about them. My father was Sub Lt Islwyn Vaughan RNVR. He served as follows in combined ops; 5th LCP (L) Aug 1942 - Deippe, 520th LCA July 1942 - Point De Hoc, Normandy, Nov 1944 509th Flotilla at E Schelts & Holland Many thanks in anticipation. Rob Vaughan. (3/07)

Mississippi River Boats. I'm seeking information on and photographs of the following two Mississippi River Boats... the US Northland and the US Southland. They were, I believe, stationed as a camp overflow, near Inveraray, Loch Fyne, Scotland during WW11. Several of their sister ships were sunk crossing the Atlantic to Britain. US contacts state that there were no Mississippi river boats with these names?

Any information on these boats, or any others known to have made the crossing to the UK, would be greatly appreciated.
Walt Deas. Australia.    (3/07)
Lest We Forget. My Father served in WW2 in No 6 Commando. Just prior to his death he gave me an interesting book called 'Lest We Forget' by Dave Thibodeau, published in Canada, December 2000. My father's name was Vincent Henthorn, Corporal, who served in North Africa, Italy and was also a POW. To all his fellow service men I commend you and thank you for a job well done.. Sincerely and with respect, Lindon Vincent Henthorn, St Pete Beach FL, USA. (11/06)
Brookwood Memorial to the Missing. Captain Giles and Captain Forrester died in action on Operation Archery - the Vaagso raid and they are commemorated on the Brookwood Memorial to the Missing. Does this mean that (a) their bodies were left behind at Vaagso and not buried by the Germans or, if they were buried, that the graves were later lost or (b) the bodies were recovered and buried at sea on the voyage home? Any information would be most welcome. Niall Cherry. (2/06)
Landing Craft on Loch Fyne. Is it possible to obtain the type and designator number of the Landing Craft based at Lochgair, Loch Fyne during the period January to August 1942 and their ultimate fates? Also if possible the A/A unit which set up their guns (3?) just above the beach at Asknish House when exercises were carried out with troopships anchored in Loch Fyne. As schoolboys we were more interested in exchanging our white bread and jam pieces for the soldier's bully beef and wheaten biscuits than taking vessel names and numbers! Thanks. Lennox Mackenzie. (12/05)
Military Hospital in Inveraray, Scotland. Does anyone have information about the Military Hospital in Inveraray? I understand that initially it was based on two hospital ships anchored off Inveraray and later transferred to a building in the grounds of Inveraray Castle. Any information would be gratefully received. Shelley. (9/05)
Sherman Tanks Dumped in Loch Fyne. I'm seeking any information relating to Sherman Tanks said to have been dumped in Loch Fyne in at least 90 metres of water after HMS Quebec closed. We have professional deep water cameras and would like to obtain footage of the tanks, etc. with a view to producing a travel/history documentary which will add to the history of the area and the Combined Operations era of WW11. Still photographs of HMS Quebec, Sherman tanks landing etc, would also be of interest. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Walter Deas. (Readers may be interested to know that should this video go ahead it will be a follow-up to "Loch Fyne" a travel/history production.  (6/05)

PLUTO. The son of Lt Col Howard EVERETT CRE 21st Army HQ E & M (PLUTO) RE Companies 548 & 796, has a lot of un-published and detailed information about these two companies who ran the European pumping complex after D Day [Cherbough to Germany. He would consider making it available to any serious enquiry. He would like to hear from relatives of the Officers and Men under his father’s command, before and after the pipe line was laid. 

Please e-mail, write or phone Dr Christopher Everett with details, cbga.everett@gmail.com  8 Wetherdown PETERSFIELD GU31 4PN tel 01730203008 (6/05) 

Medal Ribbon with Rosette. I have a photo of my father, Leslie George Robins, in uniform bearing a medal ribbon with a rosette upon it. From what I've been told this was only worn by air crew in the Battle of Britain. My Father, to the best of my knowledge, served only in the RM. If anyone can help explain this apparent contradiction I'd be very grateful. Many thanks. Bern Robins. (5/05)

The 11th (Scottish) Commando March.  Being a piper in The Scots Guards during the war, followed by a stint with The Gordon Highlanders, I have many pipe music books, but unfortunately I can't find the Commandos march. Can you, or a visitor to your website, help me at all? Thank you very much in anticipation. Major George Thom, T.D. (rtd.). (4/05)
British & American Forces in WW2. I'm currently doing some research for the BBC. We're thinking of making a series following two units, one British and one American, through their experiences in North Africa, Sicily and the Italian campaigns. Ideally we'd like to cover the British and the Americans working together, but it seems that the troops hardly ever mixed at all. I was wondering whether this might be slightly different when it comes to Combined Ops. I know that 'combined ops' refers to amphibious missions - but do you know whether in the special forces, paratroopers/commandos, there was some sort of cooperation? Thank you in anticipation. Alex Stevenson. (4/05)

US Memorial to 1st Engineer Special Brigade. The inscription reads; In proud memory of our dead. 1st Engineer Special Brigade. H Hour 6.30 hr D Day 6th June 1944. The location is likely to be a Normandy beach. It is known that some memorials were constructed during, or shortly after, WW2 as per this explanation by CHARLES B. MacDONALD, a former deputy chief historian at the US Army's Center of Military History. Soon after the end of the war, veterans of the 1st Engineer Special Brigade, which incurred the heaviest losses in Exercise Tiger, did just that, erecting a monument on Omaha Beach to their dead, presumably to include those who died at Utah Beach and those who died in preparation for D-Day. If you know anything about it please get in touch. (2/05)

'GRB' No 9 Commando, Sorrento.  I bought a little wooden box at a car boot sale. On the inside of the lid, inlaid into the wood, is a Combined Operations insignia with the inscription '9 Commando, 14 August 1944, Sorrento.' At the top are the initials G.R.B.  I would really like to find out more information about the soldier concerned. Can anyone help or offer advice? Shaun. (1/05)

PLUTO, Arromanches & 60th Field Co Royal Engineers. My father was a corporal, later sergeant, with the 6oth Field Co RE. He died 7 years ago. He was a plumber heating engineer after the war and I now run the company he founded. He told me he trained with PLUTO on the Isle of Wight and then was posted to Normandy, l suppose arriving on D6 as planned, and helped set up the valve and pipe-work on land. He always said he was posted to Arromanches, which does not figure in your excellent article re PLUTO; could this be correct and if you are not sure could you direct me to a web site which may assist further. l am visiting Normandy in March and would like to see where he worked. Many thanks for your excellent article. Regards, Peter Griffiths. (1/05)
HMS Runic [Operation PLUTO]. I am trying to find some photos of the ship my father served in while working on Operation PLUTO. I believe it was one of the inshore barges. (11/04)
The Vera Radcliffe - Mulberry block ship. I have found your site to be very helpful. It is nice to see the British contribution being highlighted. I am particularly interested to find information about a block ship, the Vera Radcliffe, sunk I believe as part of Gooseberry sector 4 near Courselles. My father, Donald Morrison, was an engineer on board this ship while it was being placed and scuttled. He also served in the British Merchant Marine through most of the war on the Atlantic and Russian convoys, including PQ17. He was injured during the scuttling of the Vera Radcliffe. (11/04)
LCT (E) 399 - Tracing My Grandfathers footsteps. My grandfather was a motor mechanic on board LCT(E) 399. I’m trying to trace what he did during the war. My grandmother has memories of him being based on the Isle of Wight and made frequent visits home. She remembers him having to leave suddenly to be part of a rescue mission but he never went into any more detail. His service record doesn’t go into any detail so if anyone can tell me where I may find anything I will be very grateful. (11/04)
Empire Broadsword 1944. I'm a French diver looking for any information, pictures, veterans, anything really about the Empire Broadsword which sank on Omaha on July 2nd 1944. Every contact will be warmly welcomed. (11/04)
The Commando Association. I am researching my father's No4 Commando history. His name is Arthur Bickerstaff and he is the 8th listed on the Union Jack flag posted elsewhere on your site. I am reading a book called the Fighting Fourth about No4 Commando and most of its source  material comes from The Commando Association. Do you have contact details for this Association as I can't find it on the NET. Many Thanks. (11/04)
Walcharen Veterans. My name is Lt Col Matthew Tresidder RE from the Royal Military College of Science (RMCS), Shrivenham. In June 05 I will be leading a visit by the staff at RMCS to study the operations at Walcheren Island. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who took part in the operation who would be interested in accompanying us (at no expense) to give us the benefit of their experiences. We will be accompanied by the historian Richard Holmes but your perspectives on the operations from a first hand experience would be invaluable. Please drop me a note by email or call on 01793 785674. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks. (11/04)
Project Plough & Geoffrey Pyke. I was wondering if there are any veterans of Combined Ops who might have worked with Pyke or on the Plough Project? I realize that they would have had to be very young at the time, but I assume there are some veterans of the COHQ still around. Any information in this matter would be greatly appreciated. John Nadler. (10/04)
LST 200. I found your site (which is so interesting) as I am trying to find any information of what 'action' and where L200 went during WW11. My father in law served on it, and since his death my husband is trying to find out more detailed information about her. I have details of where she was built (USA) and came here under 'lend-lease' and that she was returned to the USA and struck from the Navy list April 46 and then converted for merchant service. Thanks in advance, this means a lot to my husband and his mother. (10/04)
Which Flotilla - D-Day +2? I am trying to find out what flotilla my dad would have been in. He was a coxswain on LCAs (Royal Marines). He took the Canadians in on D-Day +2 and his name was Frank Mustow. Any info would be a great help. Thanks. Dave Mustow. (10/04)
Badges Insignia etc. Whereabouts can you get badges etc for Combined Ops? I was on Combined Operations with the Merchant Navy at Inveraray. I signed Comb Ops Merchant Navy Order 1943. Its a wee while ago noo! Nostalgia! Faithfully. O,S. Ramsay Millen  (Please confirm e-mail address - messages to you are bouncing). (9/04)
No 10 (I.A.) Commando - No 5 Troop. I am trying to find information about the uniform worn by the Norwegian No 5 troop of the No.10 (I.A) Commando... insignia. beret and other. Can anyone help me please or suggest where I might look? Kind regards, Tommy Larsen, Tromsoe, Norway. (9/04)
HMS Robertson & HMS Roseneath. I am trying to get information about Navy land bases H.M.S. Robertson & H.M.S. Roseneath. My father, a Royal Marine, was posted to H.M.S. Copra September 1943 and trained as a coxswain... later promoted Corporal/acting Sergeant. He took part in the D Day landings, was posted to Robertson in 1946 and Roseneath in 1947.Any information as to their location and function would be appreciated.  Farther was POX3395 Corporal Maurice Vowell. Service from 22 August 1938 to 21 August 1950 Died 20 April 2000. Thanks! Doug Vowell. (9/04)
USA troops in Fochriw S Wales 1944. I am researching the history of the village of Fochriw re. the training camp there during and after the 2nd WW. I know American troops were stationed there and also a munitions and petrol depot in 1941 - the 219 Petrol depot manned by the RASC. The local old colliery feeder pond was also used as a pontoon bridging camp in the early 1950's. I would appreciate any information you or visitors to your website may have. Many thanks in anticipation. (8/04)
HMS Daffodil. Are there any survivors of HMS Daffodil (Train Ferry No.3) that sank off Dieppe 1945 who knew my father AB Charles Edser (Bob). (8/04)
Medical during Normandy Landings. I need to gather information on the medical assets and formations deployed during the Normandy landings. Unfortunately I have a very short time scale and there seems to be very little information around, I would be grateful if anyone could point me at a website or any other source that could assist. Any help appreciated. Many thanks. (8/04)
Naval Combined Operations Badge. In WW2 my father served in the Royal Navy and I'm looking for a Combined Ops badge he described which had a rope entwined around the anchor. Even a photo or drawing of the badge would be of interest. Thank you in anticipation. (8/04)
WW2 French Medal. My father was in REME from 1939 to 1945 including Dunkirk with the 5th Regiment attached to the guards unit and he was awarded some medals but unfortunately they were stolen. He has replaced 3 but still missing is a medal issued by the French government. He is 85years old and in good health living in Canada. Can anyone help by giving us information about this medal especially its name. He remembers it as being bigger than average. (8/04)
American WW11 Hospitals in England. Can anyone please help? I need information/identification of the hospital near Tavistock, Devon and the Odstock Hospital near Salisbury, Wiltshire. I would also like to contact anyone who was a patient in either hospital, or who was a medic. Thank you, Iris. (7/04)
Tanker Convoy TM-1. I am researching Tanker Convoy TM-1; 9 tankers from Trinidad to Gib, 7 sunk by U Boats, sailed T'dad 28 Dec 1942, 2 survivors arrived Gib 14 Jan 1943. Vessels carrying much needed fuel oil for Op Torch. My brother in law was on Tanker Cliona one of the 2 to get through. He says when they arrived at Gib the whole harbour was full of ships from carrier "Illustrious" down, and then one night they all sailed and the harbour was empty. I assumed they were there for Op Torch but that took place in Nov. Does anyone know why they were there and where they went? Tony Sweeting. (6/04)
HMS Iris & HMS Daffodil. My father was at Inveraray with the RN and talked of the Iris and Daffodil. Does anyone have photo's of these vessels? I am also trying to get a photo of the Empire Arquebus that he was on in D-Day, he took landing craft assault to gold beach. He was also at Sicily and Salerno with landing craft, the ship was the Duchess of Bedford which he says went via the cape and the Suez. (6/04)
Practice landings at Gortenfern Beach, Kentra. For many years I have been visiting Gortenfern Beach near Kentra on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula in Scotland. Over a period of 30+ years I have discovered countless spent rounds, mortar fragments and shells, and other bits and pieces. Can anyone tell me what units took part in these operations, which seemed to have taken place in February 1944. I'd like to hear from anyone who took part or can provide info on what took place (objectives etc) and on what beaches in the area. And were they based in Dorlin House? I can provide contemporary photos, from 1990 on, of the area. Thanking anyone in advance.  David Firth. (6/04)
Fort Southwick, Portsmouth. Can anyone confirm or deny that the underground headquarters (ughq) at Fort Southwick Portsmouth was used by combined ops. The ughq was purpose built for use as a command and control centre for operation Overlord but I have heard that combined Ops used it first. Bob Hunt www.portsdown-tunnels.org.uk & E-mAil  (Also on research page). (6/04)
Book entitled Op. Jubilee? Does anyone have any information on a book entitled Op. jubilee? Sorry, no other details other than a British Publication. Many thanks. G N Heal. (6/04)
Stolen War Medals. My father served and fought in WWII in 1939. His name is Henry J Shearing and he was a merchant Seaman. He received many metals which have been stolen and I would like to have them replaced. Mr. S. Shearing. Newfoundland. (6/04)
Re-enactor Information. I am looking for information regarding personnel needed for any of the re-enacted events that I am told are planned.... American, Ranger, or British, etc. Thank you. Dave. (5/04)
LCT 980. We were all young kids. Now I'm 78 and it's possible that some of the crew are still alive.... Chesh, Egghead, Scouse, the Cox, Mech, "Bunts" and the stokers might still be able to "check in" as would our replacement "Jimmy" who was a very fine man also. I believe his name was Urqhuart(?). If anybody would like to contact me regarding LCT 980, I would be very happy to hear from them. (Wireman) Denis Garrod (4/04)
LCA 591 I am researching for my father who lost his brother Norman Kenwood in WW2. In particular I am seeking any information on LCA 591 upon which my uncle served. He was declared missing presumed killed on 6 June 1944. Thank you in anticipation. (4/04)

F-Troop No 4 Commando. My father served with No4 Commando at Walcheren and D-Day landing. Several years back he died and left me two flags. I am wondering if anyone knows anything about them. One flag is a union jack with what I believe to be possibly most of No 4 Commando signatures - including Lovat's. The other is a German swastika with the epaulets of German officers sewn in a circle around the swastika. - Can anyone shed light on these two old and unusual flags? Click on thumbnails to enlarge. (4/04)

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Memorial Maintenance

We have a small band of volunteers who take turns to visit the memorial each month, particularly during the growing season, to undertake routine maintenance such as weeding keeping the stones and slabs clear of bird dropping, lichen etc. and reporting on any issues. If you live near the National Memorial Arboretum and would like to find out more, please contact us.

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You can pay a personal tribute to veterans who served in, or alongside, the Combined Operations Command in WW2 by adding their details and optional photo to our Roll of Honour and They Also Served pages on this website.

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Search for Books direct from our Books page. Don't have the name of a book in mind? Just type in a keyword to get a list of possibilities... and if you want to purchase you can do so on line through the Advanced Book Exchange (ABE). 5% commission goes into the memorial fund.

WW2 Combined Operations Handbook

This handbook was prepared for Combined Operations in the Far East. It illustrates the depth and complexity of the planning process necessary to ensure that the 3 services worked together as a unified force.

Restoration of Geoffrey Appleyard's  Memorial 

Click on the image if you'd like to contribute to the improvement of the memorial to Geoffrey Appleyard, DSO, MC and Bar, through the purchase of a limited edition print of a book about him. Geoffrey achieved so much in service with No 7 Commando, No 62 Commando, the Small Scale Raiding Force and the Second SAS Regiment. He was posted Missing in Action in July 1943, aged 26.


The Gazelle Helicopter Squadron Display Team

The Gazelle Squadron is a unique team of ex-British Military Gazelle helicopters in their original military colours and with their original military registrations. The core team includes four Gazelles, one from each service; The Royal Navy, The Royal Marines, The Army Air Corps and The Royal Air Force. A fifth Gazelle in Royal Marines colours will provide intimate support for the team. Their crest includes the Combined Operations badge. The last, and possibly, only time the badge was seen on an aircraft was in the early mid 40s. A photo of the Hurricane concerned is included in the 516 Squadron webpage.

Legasee Film Archive

As part of an exciting social history project, the film company Legasee is looking for veterans from any conflict who would like to have their stories filmed for posterity. Films are now available on line. www.legasee.org.uk

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