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6,135 is needed to maintain the Combined Ops memorial in perpetuity through an agreement with the NM Arboretum. If you can, please help us do this with a donation, big or small. Details here. Thank you

In Perpetuity Memorial Maintenance

'Crowd Funding' Memorial Maintenance Appeal

The long term regular, routine maintenance of the Combined Operations Command Memorial has been secured in a recently signed "in perpetuity" agreement between the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) and the Combined Operations Memorial Fund (COMF) at a cost of 6,135.09.

[Opposite; Images of the 3 page agreement and confirmation of payment to the NMA funded by an interest free loan.]

The non-routine maintenance, refurbishment, development and improvement of the memorial structures will remain the responsibility of the COMF.

Regular Routine Maintenance Agreement (NMA)

Under the agreement, the memorial footprint and its immediate surroundings will be maintained to a good standard in perpetuity by the NMA. For accounting purposes, the agreement has been calculated over 20 years at a cost of 25.56 per month or 306.75 per year or 6135.09 in total.

To allow the agreement and the maintenance work to take immediate effect, the NMA has been paid in full through an interest free loan accounted for on the COMF webpage. The purpose of the Just Giving fund raising appeal, is to repay this loan.

Occasional Structural Maintenance (COMF)

The COMF remains responsible for the repair and maintenance of the dedication plaque, large stones, mosaic, mosaic wall, trees, crushed slate, information display board and any future developments or improvements to the memorial. Future anticipated costs may, subject to NMA approval, include the replacement of the wooden information display board with a recycled plastic wood grain effect equivalent, estimated to cost in excess of 1,000, the replacement of the loose crushed slate with a solid surface due to frequent flood damage, estimated at 2,500 and the uncosted re-lettering of the dedication plaque and re-grouting of the mosaic.

Just Giving Fundraising Appeal - Target 6,135.00

Donations of any size towards the cost of the maintenance agreement will be warmly welcomed and gratefully received. Any funds received in excess of this amount will be credited to the Combined Operations Memorial Fund. This and all income and expenditure is, and will be, accounted for on the COMF webpage. To donate just click on the link below.

'Crowd Funding' Memorial Maintenance Appeal

Thank you for your interest and support.

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Background to the website and memorial project and a look to the future; plus other small print stuff and website accounts etc. Click here for information.

Featured Links; 'Crowd Funding' Memorial Maintenance Appeal; Combined Ops Heritage; 40 D Day Stories. The appeal is for the 'in perpetuity' maintenance of the memorial footprint and its immediate surroundings through an agreement between the National Memorial Arboretum and the Combined Operations Memorial Fund.

Remember a Veteran

Pay a personal tribute to veterans who served in, or alongside, the Combined Operations Command in WW2 by adding their details and optional photo to our Roll of Honour and They Also Served pages on this website. Read the Combined Operations prayer.


Visit our Facebook page about the Combined Operations Command in appreciation of our WW2 veterans. You are welcome to add information, photos and comment or reply to messages posted by others.

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Combined Operations Handbook (Far East)

The handbook was prepared for Combined Operations in the Far East. It illustrates the depth and complexity of the planning process necessary to ensure that the 3 services worked together as a unified force.

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