WW2 land, sea and air forces of the Allied Nations planning, training and operating together as a unified force on amphibious raids and landings against the enemy.

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Roll of Honour ~

On this page you can pay tribute to any veteran who served in, or alongside, the Combined Operations Command in WW2 and who died in combat or training. Please send the details you have using the 'Nominate' link below and include a photo (jpeg preferred) with more information about the veteran, if you wish. Assume UK Nationality, unless otherwise stated.

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Combined Operations Prayer.

O LORD GOD, our Father, our Saviour, our Might, we pray Thee take into Thy keeping, us who are joined together in a trinity of arms on sea, on land, and in the air in this our special service for King and Country. We pledge ourselves to do, to dare, to die that others might live, believing in Him who said; "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Grant us faith, courage, and determination that we fail not in whatever duty may lie before us, and may we be enabled by Thy Divine Grace to bear our part in establishing peace on earth and goodwill amongst men. This we ask for Jesus Christ, His sake. Amen

[Photo; The moment the Combined Ops memorial was dedicated on July 4th 2013 by the Reverend Prebendary, Tony Wood with General Sir Richard Barrons KCB CBE ADC Gen, Commander of the Joint Forces Command and bugler, Adrian Harper, looking on.]

Surname Init Rank/Awards Service No Date of Death Service/Regiment Other
Abram C H Rifleman 6922005 23/10/42 20 Rifle Bgd & No 2 Commando Op Musketoon Glomfjiord
Adams W B Flt/Lt 61478 10/07/44 516 RAF Sqn & 21 Sqd 516 Sqn
Austin G - PO/X 2678 30/10/43 Royal Marine KIA aboard HMS Aurora off Castelorizo Island, Greece.
Baker H J AB JX328627 17/03/44 RN Anzio
Baxter J S AC2 1682577 21/02/44 Radar Op LST 307 Anzio
Blackhurst J Rifleman 6920686 20/03/44 (21) Kings Royal Rifle Corps and No. 9 Commando KIA Anzio beach head.
Boeg HJE AB C/JX 355711  05/11/44 RN - LCT(R) 457 KIA off Belgium Op Infatuate
Bone J Flt/Lt 119710 03/05/45 516 Sqn & 3 Sqd 516 Sqn
Borne F Lt - 11/08/44 47 RM Commando CWG Photo
Bradford AC Pte 6298995  23/03/44 The Buffs & 5 Commando KIA Burma
Brassington R Cpl 4920167 19/08/44 St Staffs Reg. Att 13th (2/4th St Lancs Reg) Para Reg AAC -
Breach L Lt - 19/08/42 RNVR KIA Dieppe
Brehme RHR Sgt CH/X 103637 2/11/44 47 RM Commando Op Infatuate
Brooke   Cpl EX 937 05/08/44 45 RM Commando CWG Photo
Burke J B Sub Lt (MiD) - 15/05/45 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve 510 LCA Flotilla. Died in Teteringen and buried at Jonkerbos War Cementery
Bury F J L Lt 85925 11/07/44 4 Commando -
Butler B D Major (MC) 85295 11/06/44 3 Commando -
Cammidge H Sgt 4687495 01/05/45 1st battalion Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

1943 Operation Husky & Battle for Cava Belluza south of Villas Mundo, Sicily. CWGC section of Hamburg Cemetery.

Casson J Pte 14674155 27/06/44 (18)
9th Bt., Durham Light Infantry Ryes War Cemetery, Bazenville, France.
Casson R Marine  EX/3236 06/06/44 (25) No 46 Commando, Royal Marines attached to 4 SS Bde. Ryes War Cemetery Bazenville, France.
Coates W J L Pte 5051813 30/11/42
7th Bn., North Staffordshire Reg
and No. 6, Commando
Remembered with honour
Collier P Leading Seaman D/SSX 25666 17/06/44 RN Op Brassard Elba
Corke C L Lt Cdr (MiD) - 19/08/42 RNVR. CO of 24th Raiding Craft Flotilla. Landed Yellow Beach 1, Berneval. KIA Dieppe
Couper D O Major 55996 01/11/44 G.S.O.2. R.A. Combined Operations

Groesbeek Memorial

Cousins T F Captain - 07/06/44


47 RM Commando KIA while securing the heights above the town. There is a memorial on the hill in his memory.
Cullens J D F Able Seaman D/JX169287 17/06/44

Royal Navy attached to Combined Operations. HMS Copra

 Op Brassard Elba  Bolsena War Cemetery, Italy https://www.cwgc.org/find-a-cemetery/cemetery/164000/bolsena-war-cemetery/
Curtis E G Pte 6349613 23/10/42 2 Commando Glomfjord
Davidson D M Cpt 105228 1943 1 Commando & South Wales Borderers  
Davies J S LAC 1360067 21/02/44 Radar Operator LST 305 Anzio
Davies O L/Cpl EX 969 07/06/44 45 RM Commando CWG Photo
de Kock VP Lt 66564 07/03/43 South African Naval Forces


Missing on surveillance of Sicily beaches in prep for Operation Husky. South African.
Denton H Sgt PO/X 2389 22/08/44 46 RM Commando CWG Photo
Dickson R S AB C/JX 279302 10/7/43 HMLCT 410, RN Dieppe.

KIA Sicily

Dryburgh A C L/Cpl PO/X 2787 10/06/44 45 RM Commando CWG Photo
Duncan J R WRNS 72461 18/06/44 (19) WRNS attached to HMS COPRA Killed by V1 bomb.
Eddy E C AB D/JX303084 02/06/44 RN Commando KIA Anzio Beach
Edmonds W G Pte 6348327 3-6/02/44 (33) Q O Royal West Kents   and 9 Commando KIA, Cassino, Italy.
Elms F 2nd Lt 304633 06/07/44 4 Commando -
Farmer E A WRNS 72463 18/06/44 (18) WRNS attached to HMS COPRA Killed by V1 bomb.
Fazan G F Lt 129362 07/06/44 6 Commando -
Feeney T Wireman D\MX 103626 24/01/44 (19) HM LCT (4) 542

Injured on LCT at Anzio, Italy. Transferred to HMHS, St David, and died when the hospital ship was sunk.

Fenton B C S Marine PO/X 3168 13/06/44 45 RM Commando CWG Photo
Ferguson J H AC1 1565310 07/07/44  RAFVR FDT 216
Fowler J S AB P/JX 296467 190/8/42 RN HMS Tormentor CWG Photo
Gallimore S Petty Officer / Stoker K65642 08/11/42  HMS Cowdray ,  Died during patrol off "C" Beach , ship was bombed .  
Gardner J L/Cpl 353628 16/04/45 9 Commando


Argenta Gap War Cemetery, Italy

Gardner N Pilot Officer (Navigator) 169214  22/10/43 RAFVR. 107 Squadron Royal Air Force (Second Tactical Force).
KIA Holland and buried at Flushing (Vlissingen) Northern cemetery.
Gaughan J LAC 1036266 07/07/44 RAFVR FDT 216
Gee BGH Temp/Sub/Lt - 30/06/44 (20) RNZNVR. Second-in-command of LCT.737 KIA Normandy. Interred Plymouth (Weston Mill) Cemetery.
Geear E J L/Sgt 6344312 27/12/41 Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment and 3 Commando KIA Operation Archery. Buried in Trondheim
George R Marine PO/X 113288 20/08/44 45 Royal Marine Commando, E Troop Normandy KIA
Gerrard T C Cpl T/73322 19/08/42  RASC  France 1939. Joined 3 Commando post Dunkirk. Killed in action Dieppe.
Gill E H Cpl 1258560 21/02/44 Radar Operator LST 305 Anzio
Gooch F M Pte 6145770 19/08/42 4 Commando KIA Dieppe
Goodenough F J E Cpl PLY/X 2279 11/06/44 45 RM Commando CWG Photo
Grewcock E E D Cpt   12/06/44 A Troop of 45 Royal Marine Commando KIA at Bréville CWG Photo
Grimdsell M H L/Cpl PO/X 115851 02/11/44 47 RM Commando.  KIA Op Infatuate
Hallos H Leading Seaman D/JX 201772 17/06/44

RN ‘A’ Beach Commando

Op Brassard Photo
Harden (VC) H E L/Cpl - 23/01/45

Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) attached to 45 RM Commando

  Served in Normandy. KIA at Brachterbeek in the Netherlands while rescuing wounded under enemy fire. Posthumously awarded the VC

Harding R L/Cpl 7888531 19/08/42

Royal Armoured Corps

No 3 Commando Dieppe Raid - Yellow Beach (Bernaval)
Hawes D G Leading Seaman  JX315161 08/06/44

Royal Navy

KIA on LCT 390 (Juno Beach?)
Hayes G J L/Cpl 14263668 07/06/44 (22)

Royal Armoured Corps 1st East Riding Yeomanry

Interred Brettville-Sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery.
Heath A Cpl EX352 23/01/45 44 Commando Died in Kangaw offensive, Burma, on Hill 170 or Pinner.
Hellyer K G Private 6296547 08/07/42 The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment) & No 4 Commando Died aged 19 during amphibious landing  training exercise on the Isle of Arran.
Herbert R G Lt (DCM, MM) 287391 08/06/44 3 Commando -
Hicks J W Pte 4132073 27/12/41 3 Commando. Vaagso - Op Archery Cheshire Regt.
Hills L M Stoker 1st Class P/KX 139728 17/06/44 Royal Navy. H.M.S. Copra KIA Op Cut Out (Brassard)
Hitchcock J E Trooper 6351447 14/07/43 3 Commando Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment
Hobbs L F AB PJ/X 297225 16/02/44 Royal Navy
Anzio War Grave
Hough J PO  R.N.D/SSX.14392 01/11/44 R.N. Commando 'L' Party  KIA Flushing, Walcheren. At rest Bergen-op-Zoom War Cemetery.
Howie G D Cpt - 16/06/44 HQ 4 SS Bde RM CWG Photo


C R  L/Sgt 6010576 27/12/41 Bedfs & Herts Regt & No 3 Commando   KIA Operation Archery 
John T Marine PLY/X 105762 01/11/44 Royal Marine KIA aboard LCG 17 off Walcheren. Interred at the New Communal Cemetery, Ostend.
Kearton A Pte 5775524 07/06/44 (26) 1st
Btn Royal Norfolk Regiment
Buried in La
Delivrande war cemetery Dourvres Calvados, France
Kershaw F Marine ply\x109563 06/06/44 45 CDO C troop
Lee J Major (MC) - 25/08/44 46 RM Commando CWG Photo
Liddel C W AB C/JX 142792 28/03/42 Royal Navy HMMTB 74
(Operation Chariot)
KIA St Nazaire. Interred Escoublac-La-Baule War Cemetery, France.
 Linge M Major - 27/12/41 Norwegian Ind Coy 1 Norway/Archery
Lloyd ME Sub/Lt - 18/06/42 RNVR Commander of a LCT Mk 1 aka an ‘A’ Lighter. Killed by explosion.
Logan G Cpl 1001089 07/07/44 RAFVR FDT 216
Lord K Telegraphist P/JX282662 01/11/44 Royal Navy.  A Troop 3 Combined Operations Bombardment Unit. KIA Westkapelle,  Walcheren Island. (Submitted by his friend and comrade, Peter Wilde)
Main C Acting PO JX 131567 25/06/44


Killed when Landing Craft Headquarters (LCH) 185 hit mine off Sword beach. DSM. [Photo; CM in foreground]
Manning V F P Leading Seaman P/JX 195429 10/07/43

RN Commando, Allied Special Forces, No 6 COPP

KIA, Sicily, Operation Husky
Mantosh G S Temp/Cpl 1286539 21/02/44

Radar Operator LST 305

McCormack T Pte 2930404 11/04/42

     No 2 Commando     Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders; 1st (Liverpool Scottish) Bn.

(Op Chariot) 

CWG Photo

McGill J Fusilier 5115643 28/01/44

 Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment).

KIA. Cassino, Italy.
McGrann G AB C/JX407081 17/5/44 RN 'A' Commando

KIA Op Brassard

McHale C Pte 3783297 19/08/43 Sth Lancs Reg. Ist Bat -
McIntyre H Lt - 28/02/43 RN Light Coastal Forces St Nazaire Raid
Mckelvey W M L/Cpl 14427503  2/11/44 (20)  1st Batt. Highland Light Infantry, City of Glasgow Reg. Buried at Bergin Op Zoom Cemetery.
McKeown S Leading Seaman D/SSX 26259 28/03/42


ML 262, St. Nazaire, 28th March 1942. 21 year old, married just two weeks.
His name is recorded on the St Nazaire Memorial. One of 105
Miles J T AB C/JX 314712 27/08/42 RN Interred Greenock Ceremony
Mitchell G H L/C 2572616 07/06/44 Combined Operations, Royal Corps of Signals, 14th Beach Signals Section.

Mentioned in Despatches, London Gazette for action during Landings. Grave location: Bayeux War Cemetery, X.L. 22

Mitchell J E AB P/JX 273423 19/08/42 RN HMS Victory III Dieppe Raid
 Morley C N Colour Sgt CH/X 2148 20/08/44 47 RM Commando CWG Photo
 Mumby  L S  Sgt. Gunner/Signaller 1072102 07/06/ 44  7th Field Regiment Royal Artillery Sword Beach. Buried Ranville Cemetery  
 Newman P R Colour Sgt - 11/07/43 41 RM Commando  
 Noblett N C 2nd Lt US Army 01556028 25/08/44 465th Ordnance Evacuation Company United States Army. Purple Heart & WW2 Victory Medal. HM LCT1074
 Notman J R Pte 3189059 02/07/44 (22) KOSB & No 4 Commando Remembered with honour at Ranville War Cemetery. KIA.
 Nutter H Sgt - 07/06/44 45 RM Commando
 O'Connor D G A.2. (MiD) P/JX 608040 17/06/44 RN Beach Com Op Brassard
Palmer E L Cpl 6216113 08/02/45 No 2 S.B.S.  
Palmer T P Leading Seaman D/X 20524 A 17/06/44 RNR Braganza,  Elba Landings. KIA
Peckham R J LAC (MiD) 1434174 07/07/44 RAFVR FDT 216
Pickering B Sgt 612453 17/11/42 RAFSC 3201 Dely Ibrahim War Cemetery, Algeria
Plank A E Private 5346309 18/08/44 5th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment

Buried at La Deliverende Cemetery

Plank H H C.S.M. PLY/X 3504 02/11/44 47 R.M. Commando
KIA Walcheren. Buried Burgen-op-Zoom
Pollard G G L/Cpl C/54200 17/06/44 1st Btn Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Highlanders Photo 1; Photo2
Pope W J Marine CH/X 107152 12/04/45 41 RM Commando Bergen-op-Zoom War Cemetery.
Powell T Cpl 919800 21/02/44 Driver MT LST 305 Anzio
Pyman A C H Cpt (MC) 86776 06/06/44 6 Commando -
Redwood F W PO Motor Mechanic D/MX 70116 01/11/44. RN Landing Craft LCG(M) 102. MPK at Walcheren
Rhodes R Flt/Sgt 1535801 18/03/44 RAFVR 516 Sqd
Roberts J Acting AB C/JX 420813 06/06/44 (19)  HM LCI(S) 524 KIA, Sword Beach. Interred St Marie Cemetery, Le Havre.
Robinson P D Lt - 06/08/44 41 RM Commando Photo
Robson J Pte 14492347 22/03/45 DLI/6Commando Battle Accident Holland.
Rolt T C AC1 1681468 07/07/44  RAFVR FDT 216
Sharman R L/Sgt 4910237 25/02/41 (33) 50 Middle East Commando & South Staffs regiment.  He is commemorated on the Athens memorial Face 6.I.
Sheffield H J Stoker 1st/Cl D/KX 179052 06/06/44 RN (Landing Craft) HMS Northney
Simmonds E R Marine PO/X110748 01/11/44

Royal Marine

KIA aboard LCF-37 at Walcheren. Underage by 155 days when he enlisted on 15/4/42 at Eastney Barracks.
Simmonds H Leading Stoker D/KX79831 28/03/42 MTB 74 KIA St Nazaire, France. Operation Chariot.
Sims E Lt - 17/06/44 RNVR HMLC F15 Elba. Op Brassard
Sissons J G Temp Sub Lt -
July '43 RNVR Operation Husky, 112th Landing Craft Flotilla Force V. "No other grave but the sea."
Smith F Gunner - 06/06/44 No. 4 Commando, Sword Beach. Buried in Hermanville War Cemetery.
Stapleton  AW Rifleman 14311519 31/12/45 Kings Own Rifle Corp  & No 5 Commando Taukkyan War Cemetery
Stephen J E WO 903322 06/02/44 RAFVR 516 Sqd
Tait J B Sub Lt - 06/06/44 RNVR HMLCT 980
Teague B J Cpt - 06/07/44 46 RM Commando Photo
Terrell E Marine CH/X114395 06/06/44 Royal Marines 577 LCT Flotilla
Thatcher A G M Marine PLY/X110293 02/11/44 47 RM Commando Walcheren
Thomas D G Cpt - 25/06/44 Royal Marines Hermanville
Thomson H L/Cpl PO/X 106815 18/09/43 41 RM Commando Salerno
Thornber R Sub Lt. - 06/06/44 RNVR - HMS Copra LCT(A) 2191
Thorp T E Cpl PLY/X 1309 19/08/42 40 RM Commando  
Turley F W Pte 5254801 27/12/41 Worcestershire Regiment and No3 Commando KIA Vaagso (Operation Archery)
Wadsworth P R Marine CH/X 112639 06/06/44 Royal Marines Juno Beach
Walker J Marine FX 3379 08/06/44 45 RM Commando Photo
Wardell A A Sgt 923374 21/02/44 Radar Mechanic LST 305 Anzio
Wharton B W Gunner 909229 27/12/41 (22) Royal Artillery and No 3 Commando Died on Operation Archery – Vaagso. Buried at sea.
White B G Cpt - 20/08/44 45 RM Commando Photo
White R D Sgt PO/X 1898 18/06/44 45 RM Commando Photo
  Whittaker G B - 35014 28/06/44 47 RM Commando -
Williams A M Sgt 6098196  12/09/42 Small Scale Raiding Force
The Queen's Royal Reg (West Surrey)
Woodgate A J Fl/Lt NZ.412300 06/02/44 RNZAF NZ / 516 Sqd
Woolley WA Sapper 1922932 14/09/42 295 Army Field Co. Royal Engineers Op Agreement

We will remember them

Key in alphabetical order.  AB - Able Seaman, Bde - Brigade, Bt - Batallion, Cpl - Corporal, Cpt - Captain, CWG - Commonwealth War Grave, FDT - Fighter Direction Tender, Flt/Lt Flight Lieutenant,  Flt/Sgt - Flight Sergeant, LAC - Leading Aircraftsman, LCG - Landing Craft Gun, Lt - Lieutenant, MC - Military Cross, MiD - Mentioned in despatches, MPK - Missing Presumed Killed, Pte - Private, RAFSC - RAF Servicing Commando, RAFVR - Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, RM - Royal Marine, RNZAF - Royal New Zealand Air Force, RP - Runnymede Panel, Sgt - Sergeant, Sqd - Squadron, WG Photos - War Grave Photographs. WO - Warrant Officer, WRNS - Women's Royal Naval Service.

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