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If you're interested in any of the 300 books listed below, or any other book, just click on the 'AbeBooks' link. Their search engine checks the stock in hundreds of bookshops worldwide.

Layout of book information below - Author's name first, book title next then Information.

Combined Operations - General

History of the Combined Operations Organisation 1940 - 1945 by the Amphibious Warfare Headquarters, London 1956. Crown Copyright Expired. Modified layout copyright of Andrew Findall. Printed and bound by Lulu for Pawn Books. Lulu describe the book thus; 'This is not a history of the sharp end of Commando raids and invasions, it is the story of the tri-service headquarters set up to take the war back to the continent. Although published eleven years after the end of the war and nine years after the disbandment of Combined Ops, much use was made of wartime reports. This facsimile copy contains much valuable and interesting information on the wide range of matters that came within their scope.' Available from Lulu.

Bernard Fergusson; The Watery Maze - The story of Combined Operations. A very  good introduction to the conditions prevailing at the time the Command was set up, the early years when a certain amount of in fighting took place between the "new boy on the block" and the Chiefs of the traditional services through its years of planning and training for amphibious raids and landings to D-Day. London : Collins, 1961. 445 p.    

C Wilmot; Tobruk 1941. Halsted Press (1993). Penguin Books.

Rear Adm LEH Maund; Assault From the Sea. Combined Operations in the West 1943-45. Published by Methuen, 1949.

Ralph Ingersoll; Top Secret. Written after the author left the Army. As a civilian he recalls his back-room  military service which had the sole objective of defeating of the Wehrmacht on the continent of Europe. Partridge Publications, UK, 1946.

Nicholas Rankin; Ian Fleming's Commandos. The story of 30 Assault Unit in WW2. Faber and Faber.

Chief of Combined Operations; Combined Operations Staff Notebook 1945. 241p., 7.49 MB. ISBN 9781847914675.

Peter Bull; To Sea in a Sieve. One of the great books about Combined Operations in WW2. Actor Peter Bull's To Sea in a Sieve,  covers his complete wartime service but concentrates on his command of an LCT (Landing Craft Tank) and HM LCF 16 (Landing Craft Flak). Many humorous anecdotes. ISBN: 0552103802 / 0-552-10380-2

Alastair Borthwick; Battalion. Published by Baton Wicks, London, 1994. ISBN 1-898573-35-2. Chapter 6 describes Operation Husky and Chapters 10 & 11 describe Operation Overlord from the perspective of the battle hardened 5th Battalion The Seaforth Highlanders.

Hilary St.George Saunders; Combined Operations : the official story of the Commandos. New York : Macmillan, 1943 : xiii, 155 p.

Ministry of Information; Combined Operations 1940 -1942. London, HMSO : 144 p

James D. Ladd; Combined Operations. London : Dragon Grafton Books, 1986 : 48 p : ISBN 0-583-31004-4 : [Modern military techniques].

Major-General John Frost; A Drop Too Many. From Iraq Levies to major airborne operations in which he took part - Bruneval, Tunisia, Sicily, Italy, Arnhem.]

Geoffrey Sanders; Soldier, Sailor. 1947 by the Bombardment Units Association (COBUs) :  [Foreword by Major-General R. E. Laycock, CB, DSO.]

Clayton D Marks; Combined Operations. This book has been re-mastered, reprinted and released as a second edition by the granddaughter of veteran Clayton D Marks. It's now available for purchase at $20 CDN. More information here.

Dozens of Contributors; St. Nazaire to Singapore. The Canadian Amphibious War 1941 - 1945 Vol. 1 and 2. These books do exists in physical form but are difficult to find. However, you can read on-line versions courtesy of "Our Roots" at the University of Calgary, Alberta.

N Calder; The English Channel. A history of both English and French side; the ships, invasions, personalities. 373pp. photo illus. maps. 16x24cms. 1986.

H Ludlam & Paul Lund; War of the Landing Craft. Published by W Foulsham & Co Ltd (1976). ISBN 10: 0572009356 ISBN 13: 9780572009359.

C Wilmot; The Struggle for Europe. Collins, London 1952.

D Botting; The Second Front World War II. Time Life Books, Alexandria, Virginia (1978. Re-published by Time Life Value (2005). ISBN 10: 1844471942 ISBN 13: 9781844471942.

G Holman; Stand By to Beach. Hodder & Stoughton (1944).

B Warlaw; Shore Establishments of the Royal Navy. Maritime Books, Liskeard, Cornwall (1992). ISBN 10: 0907771521 ISBN 13: 9780907771524.

Peter Poland; Hands to Action Stations. Memoirs of a very young Naval Officer (1939 – 1945). Amazon Digital Services Inc 2012 (available only on Kindle). Chapter 5 describes the author’s Naval Commando training and how, aged 19, he found himself in command of the 16th Landing Craft (Ramp) Flotilla just hours before the start of Operation Torch.

The Naval Review, Vol. XLVIII, No. 4, October, 1960. Combined Operations in Hitler’s War - Part 1, pp 440 – 453.

The Naval Review, Vol. XLIX, No. 1, January 1961. Combined Operations in Hitler’s War - Part 2, pp 18 - 29.

Commandos - General

J Davies & J P Kellet; A History of the RAF Servicing Commandos. Published by Airlife, England (1989). ISBN 10: 185310051X ISBN 13: 9781853100512.

A C Hampshire; The Beachhead Commandos; RN Commandos. Published by William Kimber, London, United Kingdom (1983). ISBN 10: 0718303199 ISBN 13: 9780718303198.

Donald Gilchrist; Don't Cry For Me. The Commandos: D-Day and After. Foreword by Brig. the Lord Lovat. (ISBN 0 7091 9148 0, published by Robert Hale Ltd. 1982.

Stephen Bull; Commando Tactics : The Second World War. An in-depth study of commando tactics and history and seeks to dispel the myths and misunderstandings that surround them, whilst placing these elite troops of 70 years ago in the context of their times. Pen and Sword Books.

Stuart Allan; Commando Country. The author is Senior Curator of Military History at the National War Museum, Edinburgh Castle. The book tells the story of Scotland's role in the training of Commandos and Special Operations personnel in WW2.

James Dunning; It Had To Be Tough. Pentland : ISBN 1-85821-748-2 : [Commando training, very interesting & detailed. Author was a Commando CSM at Dieppe and finished as a Major.]

Hilary St. George Saunders; The Green Beret : the story of the Commandos. London : Joseph, 1949 : 320p

Hodding Carter; The Commandos of World War II. New York : Random House, [1966] : 168 p [juvenile literature].

James Ladd; Commandos and Rangers of World War II. London : Macdonald & Jane's, 1978 : 288 p : ISBN 0-356-08432-9.

Rupert Butler; Hand of Steel : the story of the Commandos. Feltham : Hamlyn, 1980 : 261 p : ISBN 0-600-38387-3.

Charles Messenger; The Commandos, 1940-1946. London : Kimber, 1985 : 447 p : ISBN 0-7183-0553-1.

Leroy Thompson; British Commandos in Action. Carrollton, Tx : Squadron/ Signal Publications, 1987 : 49 p : ISBN 0-89747-192-X : [Combat troops in action ; 8].

Derek Oakley; The Commandos : World War Two to the Present. London : Arms & Armour Press, 1987 : 72 p : ISBN 0-85368-844-3 : [Uniforms illustrated ; 2].

Ken Ford; D-Day Commando. Published in the UK in 2003 by Sutton P.Ltd : ISBN 0-7509-3023-3 : [From Normandy to the river Maas. It also describes the part of 48 RMC in the liberation of Walcheren].

Contre-Amiral Lepotier; Raiders from the Sea. William Kimber, London 1954.

Donald Gilchrist; Castle Commando (Achnacarry). Available from The West Highland Museum, Cameron Square, Fort William, PH33 6AJ for £12.99.  01397 702169.

Lt Col Peter Young; Storm from the Sea. William Kimber 1958.

James Alan Thompson; Only the Sun Remembers. London : Dakers, 1950 : 275 p.

John Durnford-Slater; Commando. London : Kimber, 1953 : 222 p : [No 3 Commando; Commando Group HQ].

Derek Mills-Roberts; Clash by Night : a Commando Chronicle. London : Kimber, 1956 : 204 p : [No 4 Commando; No 6 Commando; 1st Special Service/Commando Brigade].

Army Commandos

Nicholas Rankin; Ian Fleming's Commandos. Published by Faber and Faber (2012) ISBN 10: 0571250637 ISBN 13: 9780571250639.

Stuart Allan; Commando Country. The author is Senior Curator of Military History at the National War Museum, Edinburgh Castle. The book tells the story of Scotland's role in the training of Commandos and Special Operations personnel in WW2.

Robin Neillands; The Raiders : the Army Commandos 1940-1946. London : Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1989 : xi, 242 p : ISBN 0-297-79426-4.

Mike Chappell; Army Commandos 1940 1945. London : Osprey, 1996 : 64p : ISBN 1-85532-579-9 : [Elite series ; 64].

No 4 Commando

James Dunning; The Fighting Fourth. Sutton Publishing Ltd, 2003 : ISBN 0750930950 : [ No 4 Commando at War 1940-1945].

Murdoch C. McDougall; Swiftly They Struck. London : Odhams Press, 1954 : 208 p : [the story of No. 4 Commando].

Donald Gilchrist; Don't Cry for Me. London : Hale, 1982 : 192 p : ISBN 0-7091-9148-0 : [the Commando's, D-Day and after].

No 8 Commando

John St. John; To the war with Waugh. London : Whittingdon, [1973]. London: Leo Cooper, 1974. : xi, 55 x, 55 p : ISBN 0-85052-163-7 : [Author Evelyn Waugh served with No 8 Commando & Tito's partisans].

No 10 Commando

Ian Dear; Ten Commando, 1942-1945. London : Leo Cooper, 1987 : 207 p : ISBN 0-85052-121-1.

Nicholas van der Vijl; Commando in Exile. The story of 10 (Inter-Allied) Commando 1942-1945. (2008).

Maciej Zajączkowski; Sztylet Komandosa. Wydawnictwo Bellona, Warszawa 1991.

Konrad Brauliński; Zielony Talizman. Zielony Talizman" is a collection of reports gathered by Konrad Brauliński. ISBN: 9788388736940 edited in 2007.

Miroslaw Derecki; Na ścieżkach polskich komandosów. ISBN 83-910483-4-9 edited 15.07.2006.

No 4 (Belgian) Troop

Carlo G. Segers; Geef ons een slagveld : fragmenten uit de geschiedenis der Belgische commando's [Dutch]

Antwerpen : Segers, [1950] : 77p.

Carlo G. Segers; Donnez-nous un champ de bataille : l'histoire des Commandos belges (1940-1945) [French]

[Bruxelles] : De Méyère, [1959] : 188 p.

Carlo G. Segers; Geef ons een slagveld : fragmenten uit de geschiedenis van de Belgische commando's (1940-1945) [Dutch] Soumagne : André Grisard, 1981 : 302 p.

Carlo G. Segers; Donnez-nous un champ de bataille  [French] Bruxelles : Didier Hatier, 1984 : 224 p : ISBN 2-87088-526-1 : [Mr. Segers produced at least 7 different versions of his account, each time expanded & corrected (only the first & last ones in Dutch & French are given)].

Royal Marines

Tristan Lovering; Amphibious Assault: Manoeuvre from the Sea. Seafarer Books 2007 : [All royalties go to the 'Royal Marines 1939 War Fund.'].

Ministry of Information; The Royal Marines : the Admiralty account of their achievement, 1939-1943. London : His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1944 : 80 p.

G.W.M. Grover; Short history of the Royal Marines. Aldershot : Gale & Polden, 1948 : 68 p.

Robert Bruce Lockhart; The Marines were there : the story of the Royal Marines in the Second World War. London : Putnam, 1950 : 229p.

A. Cecil Hampshire; The Royal Marines tercentenary : formation of the Admiral's Regiment, 1664-1964. [S.l : Royal Marines, 1964 (Glasgow : Paramount Press) : xlvi 80 p : [About the Royal Marines 1664-1964].

Patrick Pringle; Fighting Marines. London : Evans Brothers, 1966 : 192 p : [Fighting Series].

J.L. Moulton; The Royal Marines. London : Leo Cooper, 1972 : x, 100 p : ISBN 0-85052-117-3 : [Famous regiments].

Peter C. Smith; Per Mare, per Terram : a history of the Royal Marines. St. Ives, Huntingdon : Photo Precision, 1974 : 191 p : ISBN 0-85944-017-6.

James D. Ladd; The Royal Marines 1919-1980 : an authorised history. London [etc : Jane's, 1980 : 482 p : ISBN 0-7106-0011-9.

Ian Dear; Marines at War. London : Ian Allan, 1982 : 128 p : ISBN 0-7110-1147-8.

Nick van der Bijl & Paul Hannon. The Royal Marines, 1939-93. London : Osprey, 1994 : 64 p : ISBN 1-85532-388-5 : [Elite series ; 57].

Royal Marine Commandos

Robin Neillands; By Sea and Land. London : Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1987 : xviii, 268 p : ISBN 0-297-79064-1 :[ the Royal Marines Commandos : a history, 1942-1982].

41 RM Commando

Douglas Grant; The Fuel of Fire. London : The Cresset Press, 1950 : 235 p : [officer's memoirs up to August 1944].

Raymond Mitchell; They Did What Was Asked of Them. Firebrand Books, Box 327, Poole, Dorset :1996 : 224 p : ISBN 1-85314-205-0 : [41 (Royal Marines) Commando, 1942-1946].

Raymond Mitchell; Commando Despatch Rider. Barnsley : Le Cooper, 2001 : xvii, 234 p : ISBN 0-85052-797-X :  [with 41 Royal Marines Commando in North-West Europe 1944-1945].

43 RM Commando

Michael McConville  ; Nothing Much To Lose. The Story of 2nd Battalion Royal Marines and 43 Commando Royal Marines.Maps Ralph Bazely Both he and the author served in 43 CDO. Publisher  43 Royal Marine Commando Reunion  ( Hon Sec Norris Peak),  ISBN  0 9521241 0 6. Printed Bourne Press 3-11 Spring Road Bournemouth Dorset BH1 4QA.

 47 RM Commando

Marc de Bolster; 47 Royal Marine Commando: An Inside Story 1943-1946. The story of 47 Royal Marine Commando during the Second World War based on personal accounts written by veterans who served in the conflict. ISBN 978-1-78155-297-1.

John Forfar; From Omaha to the Scheldt : the story of 47 Royal Marine Commando. Phantassie, East Linton : Tuckwell Press, 2001 : xv, 400 p : ISBN 1-86232-149-3 : [John Forfar was the Senior Medical Officer attached to 47 RM Commando. For his heroism at Walcheren he was awarded the Military Cross.

48 RM Commando

Harold Smedley. 48 Royal Marine Commando : the story 1944-46. [S.l : 48 RM Commando, 1946 : 114 p.

J.L. Moulton; Haste to the battle : a Marine Commando at war. London : Cassell, 1963 : xii, 210 p : [Commanding Officer's memoirs].

Ken Ford; D-Day Commando, From Normandy to the Maas with 48 Royal Marine Commando. Published (2003) by Sutton Publishing Limited : ISBN 7509-3023-3.

Other Forces/Special Forces

Bill Strutton and Michael Pearson; The Secret Invaders. Hoddar & Stoughton, 1958. The Secret Invaders is the story of how the COPPists were trained and how they carried out the reconnaissance of proposed landing beaches on enemy occupied territory under the very noses of patrolling guards.

Ex L/Cpl X, QGM; The SAS & LRDG. A seminal project comprising moving stories of every Special Air Service and Long Range Desert Group casualty in WW2. All proceeds go to charities. www.sas-lrdg-roh.com.

John M Makie. The Spy Worker 1942 - 1946. In WW2, John's father volunteered for top secret clandestine work while serving in the Canadian Military. He and his 71 comrades had no rank, did not participate in any parades, were never photographed and they received no rewards or recognition.

Geoffrey Tudor; Hoofprints in the Clouds - Jeep Tracks in the Mud. An account of how a group of men came together in Scotland in the late summer of 1943 to form a new mountain battery. Geoffrey Tudor relays his World War II experiences as 'Graham Turner', a second lieutenant with the 1st Mountain Regiment, Royal Artillery. With the formation of 474 Mountain Battery and their initial training in the Scottish mountains, the gunners then cross the Channel to the floods of Holland and through bloody conflicts in northern Germany. Pen Press Publishers, 15 Nov 2008. Paperback 272 Pages. ISBN: 1906206325.

Hugh Brewster; On Juno Beach; Canada's D-Day Heroes. The story of Canada's Beach Commandos on Juno Beach  ISBN 0439967287.

George Blake; Mountain and Flood - The History of the 52nd (Lowland) Division. Jackson, Son and Company, Glasgow 1950 : xx, 265 p.

Ian Trenowden; Stealthily by Night. UK. Crecy. 1995 : 250 p, Ills : [About the COPPists].

Hilary St.George Saunders; The Red Beret - The Story of the Parachute Regiment at war 1940 - 45. Michael Joseph Ltd, 26 Bloomsbury St, London W.C.1 October 1950.

William O Darby; We Led the Way: Darby's Rangers. Presidio Press 1980.

David Bercusson; Battalion of Heroes: the Calgary Highlanders in World War II. The Calgary Highlanders Regimental Funds Foundation 1994 : ISBN 0-9694616-1-5.

David Lee; Beachhead Assault. Greenhill Books 2004 : [The Story of the Royal Naval Commandos in WW2.  Foreword by Tony Parsons].

Cecil Hampshire; The Beachhead Commandos. William Kimber & Co Ltd in 1983.

Malcolm Uren; 1000 Men at War - Story of the 2/16th Battalion A.I.F. [Led by Major General Stevens as part of the 21st Australian Infantry Brigade. Details their fighting in the Syrian campaign, the Kododa trail at Gona, New Guinea and Borneo highlighting their audacious heroism during the Battle of Shaggy Ridge.]

Hilary St.George Saunders; The Red Beret - The Story of the Parachute Regiment at war 1940 - 45. First published by Michael Joseph Ltd, 26 Bloomsbury St, London W.C.1 October 1950 : ISBN 0 9056 1786.

J P Kellett and J Davies; A History of the RAF Servicing Commandos. Airlife 1989.

Tom Atkinson; Spectacles, Testicles, Fags and Matches. Luath Press Ltd, Edinburgh 2004 : the untold story of the RAF Servicing Commandos in World War Two. The author was a member of RAFSC Unit 3210.

Specific Commando Raids & Landings

Operation Biting -- Bruneval

Brian Austin; Schonland - Scientist and Soldier. Institute of Physics Publishing 2001 : ISBN 0 7503 0501 0 : Subject later became Sir Basil Schonland CBE FRS.

R V Jones; Most Secret War. Wordsworth : ISBN 1-85326-699. One full chapter devoted to the raid plus other relevant background information.

George Millar; The Bruneval Raid. Cassell : ISBN 0-304-36221-2. About one third of the book devoted to the raid the remainder covering early radar and photo reconnaissance.

Operation Overlord ~ D-Day

C Ryan; The Longest Day. New English Library Ltd (1985). ISBN 10: 0450054535 ISBN 13: 978045005453. Many other editions.

P Young; D Day. Photo review of the Normandy invasion by the commanding officer of No.3 Commando on the day. 22x28c. 62pp. Professional illustrations. Bison Books, London (1981).

N Cawthorne; Fighting Them on the Beaches. The D-Day Landings June 6, 1944. Published by Arcturus Publishing Ltd (2003). SBN 10: 1841931136 ISBN 13: 9781841931135.

M Gilbert; D Day. Turning point in history. Includes information on some interesting Enigma intercepts. Published Wiley & Sons (2004).

D Parry; T. Published by BBC, London (2004). ISBN 10: 0563521163 ISBN 13: 9780563521167.

A Reddish; Normandy 1944: From the hull of a Sherman. A first-hand account of the battle. Paperback: 104 pages. Publisher: Battlefield Associates by arrangement with Ken Ewing Publications (1995). ISBN-10: 0473032686. ISBN-13: 978-0473032685.

T Kilvert-Jones; Normandy Omaha Beach: V Corps' Battle for the Normandy Beachhead (Battleground Europe). Published by Pen & Sword. ISBN 10: 085052671X ISBN 13: 9780850526714.

J St J Cooper; Invasion; The D Day Story. First published (1954) Beaverbrook Nespapers, London. Re-published by [Express Newspapers] (1984) ISBN 10: 0850791421 ISBN 13: 9780850791426.

W Tute, T Costello, T Hughes, J Moore & J Karkinson; D-Day. Pan Books (1975). ISBN 10: 0330244183 ISBN 13: 9780330244183.

R W Thompson; D Day Spearhead of Invasion. Pam/Ballantyne Printing (1968). Re-published by Bookthrift Co (1984), ISBN 10: 0671066242 ISBN 13: 9780671066246.

A Kemp; D Day The Normandy Landings & Liberation of Europe. Published by Thames & Hudson Ltd (1994). ISBN 10: 0500300437 ISBN 13: 9780500300435.

P Carell; D Day Invasion; They're Coming. Corgi Children's (1974). ISBN 10: 0552095427 ISBN 13: 9780552095426.

G Perrault; The Secrets of D Day. Corgie Children's (1974). ISBN 10: 0552095400 ISBN 13: 9780552095402.

R J Kershaw; D Day. Piercing the Atlantic Wall. Published by Ian Allan, Shepperton.

John de S Winser; D Day Ships: Neptune. The greatest amphibious operation in history. (5015 vessels listed). Published by The World Ship Society, Kendal (1994). ISBN 10: 0905617754 ISBN 13: 9780905617756. Over 5,000 vessels listed.

F Mackay; Overture to Overlord. Special Operations in preparations for D-Day. Published by Pen & Sword / Leo Cooper. ISBN 10: 0850528925 ISBN 13: 9780850528923.

M Hastings; Overlord; D Day & the Battle of Normandy. M Joseph, London 1984 also published by Pan Books (1999) ISBN 10: 0330390120 ISBN 13: 9780330390125.

Stephen E. Ambrose; Day June 6, 1944: The Climactic Battle of World War II. 1994 : ISBN 0-671-67334-3.

John Keegan; Six Armies in Normandy. 1982 : ISBN 0 7126 5579 4.

Douglas Botting; The Second Front - World War II. World Time Books 1978 : ISBN 0 8094 2498 3.

John des S Winser; Short Sea Long War. World Ship Society, Gravesend, Kent : ISBN 1-85310-051-X :  [the story of 119 Cross Channel ships commandeered by the R.N. to fly the White Ensign].


James W Lauder; Hard Tears & Soft Laughter. When the last ships left the beaches of Dieppe on the 19th of August, 1942, more than 2700 dead and wounded were left behind. 1,949 Canadians were captured. Of these, 586 were wounded, and all spent the remainder of the war as prisoners of war. Approximately 180 of the injured survivors were sent to the POW hospital in the village of Obermassfeld, Thuringen, Germany. James William Lauder, of the Canadian Essex Scottish Regiment, was one of those men. He was twenty-four years old. “Hard Tears and Soft Laughter” is his story. https://www.hardtearsandsoftlaughter.com/

Jack A Poolton; Destined to Survive: A Dieppe Veteran's Story. Dundurn Press, Toronto, 1998.  7¾" - 9¾". Personal reminiscences of a Canadian Soldier taken prisoner at Dieppe in World War II. 144pp, photo illustrated. ISBN: 155002311X / 1-55002-311-X).

Will Fowler; The Commandos at Dieppe: Rehearsal for D Day. Harper Collins 2000 : ISBN 0 00 711125 8.

Bob Bowman; Dieppe. Ottawa : Wartime Information Board, [1942] : 11 p.

Jack Lindsay; Into action : the battle of Dieppe : a poem. London : Andrew Dakers, 1942 : 60 p.

Willi Antonowitz ... et al; Dieppe: die Bewährung des Küstenwestwalles : ein Gemeinschaftswerk der Kriegsberichter [German]. Berlin : Mittler, 1943 : 97 p.

Hans Kämpfer; Der Sieg von Dieppe, 19. August 1942 [German]. Paris : Marine-Propaganda-Offizier West, 1943 : 30 p.

Quentin Reynolds; Dress rehearsal : the story of Dieppe. New York : Random House, 1943 : xi, 278 p
Garden City, NY : Blue Ribbon Books, 1943 : 278 p.

Quentin Reynolds; Raid at Dieppe. London : Angus & Robertson, 1943 : x, 199 p. New York : Avon, [1958] : 190 p.

A B Austin; We landed at Dawn. London : Gollancz, 1943 : 127 p. Sydney ; London : Angus & Robertson, 1943 : xii, 153 p.

A B Austin; We landed at dawn : the story of the Dieppe raid. New York : Harcourt, Brace, [1943] : iv, 127  p
London : Brown, Watson, [1958] : 157 p : [Digit books ; 165].

Wallace Reyburn; Rehearsal for invasion : an eyewitness story of the Dieppe raid. London : Harrap, 1943 : 126 p.

Wallace Reyburn; Glorious chapter : the Canadians at Dieppe. London : Harrap ; Toronto : Oxford University Press, 1943 : ix, 165 p.

Wallace Reyburn; Dawn Landing [Digit books]. London : Brown, Watson, [1958] : 160 p.

J. Hughes-Hallett; The Dieppe raid, 18th/19th August : despatch submitted ... on 30th August 1942. London : London Gazette, 1947 : 5 p : [Supplement to the London Gazette of Tuesday, the 12th of Aug., 1947].

Henri Bernay; Les Canadiens à Dieppe, 19 août 1942. Paris : Rouff, 1948 : 24 p :  [French] [Collection Patrie].

Christopher Buckley; Norway : The Commandos : Dieppe. London : H.M.S.O., 1951 : viii, 276 p. London : H.M.S.O., 1977 : x, 276 p : ISBN 0-11-772194-8 : [The Second World War, 1939-1945: a popular military history].

R.W. Thompson; Dieppe at dawn : the story of the Dieppe raid. London : Hutchinson, 1956 : 215 p.

At whatever cost : the story of the Dieppe raid. New York : Coward-McCann [1957] : 215 p.

Dieppe at dawn : the story of the Dieppe raid, 19 August 1942. London : White Lion Publishers, 1972 : 215 p : ISBN 0-85617-511-0.

Amiral Lepotier; Raids sur mer: St. Nazaire, Dieppe [French]. Paris : France-Empire, [1960] : 299 p.

Terence Robertson; Dieppe: The shame and the glory. Toronto : McClelland and Stewart, 1962 : 432 p. Boston : Little, Brown, 1962 : 432 p. London : Hutchinson, 1963 : 432 p.

Terence Robertson; Dieppe : the shame and the glory. London : Pan Books, 1965 : 508 p.

Eric Maguire; Dieppe, August 19, 1942. London : Cape, 1963 : 205 p. London : Corgi, 1974 : 185 : ISBN : 0-552-09575-3.

Jacques Mordal; Les Canadiens à Dieppe [French] [Presses Pocket ; 735] [Coup d'œil]. Paris : Presses de la Cité, 1962 : 343 p. Paris : Presses Pocket, 1970 : 311 p. Paris : Presses de la Cité, 1982 : 253 p : ISBN 2-258-01100-0.

Jacques Mordal; Dieppe : the dawn of decision [Panther books ; 1711]  [NEL paperbacks ; 50041]. London : Souvenir Press, 1963 : 285 p. Toronto : Ryerson Press, 1963 : 285 p. London : Panther Books, 1964 : 288 p. London : New English Library, 1981 : 288 p : ISBN 0-450-05004-1.

Lucien A. Dumais; Un Canadien français à Dieppe [French]. Paris : France-Empire, 1968 : 287 p.

Douglas Stuebing (comp.); Dieppe 1942. Toronto : Clarke, Irwin, 1967 : [The Canadian series of jackdaws ; C 8]

René Abautret; Dieppe, le sacrifice des Canadiens, 19 août 1942 [French] [Ce jour là]. Paris : Laffont, 1969 : 249 p. Montréal : Cercle du livre de France, 1969 : 249 p.

Claude-Paul Couture; Opération "Jubilee". Dieppe, 19 août 1942 [French]. Paris : France-Empire, [1969] : 602 p.

Raymond Rudler; Le Jubilé des Canadiens [French]. [Paris] : Presses de la Cité, [1972] : 309 p.

John Mellor; Forgotten Heroes : the Canadians at Dieppe. Toronto : Methuen, 1975 : 163 p : ISBN 0-458-91180-1.

John Mellor; Dieppe : Canada's forgotten heroes. Scarborough, Ont. : Macmillan-NAL, 1979 : viii, 199 p : ISBN 0-7723-0034-8.

John Mellor; The Dieppe Raid. Sevenoaks [etc : Coronet, 1979 : 204 p : ISBN 0-340-22312-X.

John Mellor; Dieppe, Canada's forgotten heroes. Alma, Ont. : Maple Leaf Route, 1985 : 159 p : ISBN 0-9692301-0-9 : [the D-Day rehearsal that went so tragically wrong].

James Leasor; Green beach. [A Drum book]. London : Heinemann, 1975 : 249 p : ISBN 0-434-41024-1. New York : Morrow, 1975 : 292 p : ISBN 0-688-00295-1. New York : Dell, 1976 : 256 p.

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William Whitehead; Dieppe 1942 : echoes of disaster. Toronto : Personal Library, 1979 : 187 p : ISBN 0-17-600782-2 . New York : St. Martin's Press, 1980 : 187 p : ISBN 0-312-20989-4. Glasgow : Drew, 1982 : 187 p : ISBN 0-86267-006-3.

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Operation Frankton - The Cockleshell Heroes

Quentin Rees; Cockleshell Heroes - The Final Witness. Main foreword is by the 1st Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope. Includes personal testimony from some who took part in the raid. Published Nov 2010. ISBN 9781848688612.

Quentin Rees; The Cockleshell Canoes - British Military Canoes of World War 2. 'Cockleshell Canoes' is the complete narrative of the British Military canoe designed and manufactured during WW2. The work is some 90,000 words in length with many vintage and rare previously unpublished B&W photographs. Published by Amberley Publishing PLC. Book launch c. Nov/Dec 2008. 320 Pages with 134 Photographs. Size 248x172mm.  ISBN 9781848680654.

Ewan Southby-Tailyour; Blondie. Leo Cooper in 1998.

William Sparks & Michael Munn; The Last of the Cockleshell Heroes. Leo Cooper in 1992 : ISBN 0 85052 297 8 Repub. in 1995 as a paperback : ISBN 0 85052 465 2.

C.E. Lucas Phillips; Cockleshell Heroes. Heinemann in 1956.

Operation Musketoon - Glomfjord

Stephen Schofield; Musketoon - Commando Raid on Glomfjord 1942. Jonathon Cape 1964.

Operation Chariot - St Nazaire

Jon Cooksey; Operation Chariot: The Raid on St. Nazaire. (Elite Forces Operations Series) Pen & Sword, 2005, 128pp. B/w & Coloured illustrations throughout. Paperback. ISBN 1844151166.

Ken Ford; "St Nazaire 1942" The Great Commando Raid. The Osprey campaign series : ISBN 1-84176-231-8 : [an excellent source of information covering planning, execution and aftermath of Op Chariot].

Robert Lyman; Into The Jaws of Death. The True Story of the Legendary Raid on Saint-Nazaire. Published by Quercus (2014). ISBN 10: 1782064478 ISBN 13: 9781782064473.

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James G Dorrian; Saint-Nazaire. Operation Chariot - 1942. Pen and Sword as part of their 'Battleground' series 2006 : ISBN 1844153347 : [The guide is highly illustrated, with 224 pages, 20 maps and drawings and more than 150 photographs].

Jean-Charles Stasi; Opération Chariot : L'incroyable raid qui a redonné espoir aux Alliés. Published by Coop Breizh (2014). ISBN 10: 2843467179 ISBN 13: 9782843467172.

Operation Archery - Vaagso & Malloy.

Joseph Devins Jr; The Vaagso Raid. Robert Hale 1967.

Brian Crabb; In Harms Way. Published 1998 : ISBN 1 900289 02 4 : [The story of HMS Kenya from her build to break up including a chapter on the Vaagso raid].

Lt Col Peter Young; Storm from the Sea. William Kimber 1958.

Operation Infatuate - Walcheren & the Scheldt

Paul M Crucq; Turning the Key. The capture and liberation of Walcheren Island October 30 - November 8, 1944. 320 pages, maps, photos, bibliog. ISBN/EAN 978-90-807854-4-1.

Sir Brian Horrocks with Eversley Belfield and H. Essame; Corps Commander. London; Sidgwick & Jackson, 1977 : [Chapter 8 of the book gives a very detailed history of the delay in capturing Antwerp harbour which was very urgently needed for the supply of the Allied forces in Europe].

Terry Copp; Cinderella Army. Toronto University of Toronto press, cop. 2006  XI, 407 p  0-8020-3925-1.

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Ballantine books (various) & London : Four Square Books, 1960 : 192p.

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Yves Buffetaut; 1944, les combats sur l'Escaut' [French] [D'Arnhem à Walcheren, l'automne perdu ; 2] [Les grandes batailles de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale] [Armes militaria magazine. Hors série ; 32] Paris : Histoire & Collections, 1999 : 83-162 p.

Ken Tout; In the Shadow of Arnhem. Subtitle - The battle for the Lower Maas, September-November 1944 : Sutton Publishing Ltd., Phoenix Mill, Thrupp, Stroud, Gloucester GL5 2BU England :  xiv, 242 p : ISBN 0-7509-2821-2.

Andrew Rawson; Battle Ground Europe Guide to Walcheren. Pen and Sword, 47 Church Street, Barnsley : ISBN 0850529611 : [Fully illustrated with maps and photographs. The book charts the planning and execution of Operations Infatuate I and II. The final section deals with visiting the island : 144 pages, 120 illustrations (75 wartime photos, 25 modern and 20 maps)].

Paul M. Crucq; Codename 'NELLY'; British Radar Units on Walcheren and in Flanders. Defence of the Scheldt estuary, December 1944 - May 1945. Publication date Oct 2004 : 80 pages : [Illustrations and photographs, detailed interviews; limited edition, over 100 illustrations. Subjects are: RAF mobile Radar defence at De Haan, Blankenberge [both in Belgium], "Nelly" at Westkapelle and "Paddy" at Oostkapelle {both in Walcheren}].

Raymond Mitchell; They did what was asked of them. Firebird Books, 1996 :  ISBN 1 85314 205 0 : [ History of 41 [Royal Marine] Commando - the book covers the period 1942-1946, but has a detailed chapter on 41's role in the invasion of Walcheren ].

David Bercusson; Battalion of Heroes: the Calgary Highlanders in World War II. The Calgary Highlanders Regimental Funds Foundation, 1994 ISBN : 0-9694616-1-5.

Lofoten Islands Raids

Dr G Miles; The Epic of Lofoten. Hutchinson in 1941.

HMSO; Secret German Documents Seized during the Raid on the Lofoten Islands on 4th March 1941. HMSO's Command 6270 Norway No 1 (1941).

Evan John; Lofoten Letter. 1941 by Heinemann : [A diary of the raid written by a member of No 4 Commando. His real name was Evan John Simpson, the author and playwright].

Supplement to The London Gazette; Raid on Military and Economic Objectives in the Lofoten Islands. Published 22 June 1948.

Other Raids

Brian Lett; Ian Fleming and SOE's Operation  Postmaster. This is a true story of a force of 'licensed to kill' secret agents, commanded by a real war time secret service chief code names M, with whom Ian Fleming worked, and upon whom his James Bond stories were based. The mission was carried out by the Small Scale Raiding Force (SSRF) and the Special Operations Executive (SOE) in January 1942.

John Grehan; Churchill's Secret Invasion. Britain’s First Large-scale Combined Operations Offensive 1942. In a desperate race against time, and under conditions of the utmost secrecy, at Churchill’s instigation Britain planned to seize Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, before the Japanese could strike. An overwhelming force was assembled and despatched as part of the largest convoy ever to have left Britain’s shores. This is the first book to examine in detail this crucial campaign which was Britain’s largest amphibious assault since the First World War and the first large-scale combined air, sea and land operation Britain had attempted. Published 2014 by Pen & Sword Books. ISBN 978 1 78159 382 0.

Ian McHarg; Litani River. The author served in Army Commando (59 Commando Royal Engineers) from 1984-1994. ISBN: 1907463380 / 1-907463-38-0. Further information on this Amazon link.

Michael Asher; Get Rommel. The Secret British Mission to Kill Hitler's Greatest General : Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London 2004 : 303 p :  ISBN 029784685X.

Michael Cumming; The Starkey Sacrifice. The Allied Bombing of Le Portel 1943 : Sutton Publishing, 1996.

Commander Kenneth Edwards; Operation Neptune. Collins in 1946 : [Covers the naval side of the North West Europe campaign including Commando actions such as Walcheren].

Gérard Fournier & André Heintz; If I must die…From "Postmaster" to "Aquatint". The audacious raids of British Commandos 1941-1943.  ISBN 2915762058/ 9782915762051.

Opération Aquatint 12-13 Septembre 1942. An English translation of this French book, distributed by Bookprint in the UK, is available from Amazon.


John Earnest Appleyard; Geoffrey. Major Geoffrey Appleyard was a Leeds (Bramley) born Commando and SAS war hero (this was the first book to feature the SAS insignia) and he was regarded as being the inspiration for 007 after his service with Ian Fleming. Copies of this illustrated hardback book are £11.99 with free postage, via PayPal to bramleywm@aol.com, cheque or from eBay. Proceeds used for memorial maintenance - click on thumbnails for more information.

Mary Horlock; Joseph Gray's Camouflage. 'This beautiful and moving book tells the story of an artist who became skilled in painting as a way of hiding things in plain sight, and who ultimately hid even himself from the world. It shows how painting can reveal truth and at the same time disguise it. Gripping and sharp, it is a brilliant exposure of creativity in the arena of death’ - Antony Gormley. Hardcover: 352 pages Publisher: Unbound (22 Mar. 2018) Language: English ISBN-10: 1783524685 ISBN-13: 978-1783524686.

Alec Guinness; Blessings in Disguise. Hampshire Hamilton, London, 1985. ISBN. 14 - 026283. During WW2 Sir Alec Guinness was a lieutenant in the Royal Navy. Chapter 9 describes his training with Combined Operations and his part in Operation Husky as commanding officer of LCI(L) 124.

Denis Healey; The Time of my Life. Published by Michael Joseph, London, 1989. ISBN 10 - 0718131142. During WW2 Denis Healey was an officer in the Royal Engineers.   He took part in Operation Husky and the landings at Salerno and Anzio where he was a highly regarded Beach Master.

Richard Hough; Mountbatten :  hero of our time. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London : 1980 : xiii, 290 p: ISBN 0297778056.

John Terraine; The life and times of Lord Mountbatten. London  Hutchinson, 1968 :  x, 197 p :  ISBN 0090888103 : An illustrated biography based on the television history.

Brian Loring Villa; Unauthorized action : Mountbatten and the Dieppe Raid. Toronto ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1989 :  xiii, 314 p : ISBN 0195406796.

Eugene L. Rasor; Earl Mountbatten of Burma, 1900-1979. Historiography and annotated bibliography : Westport, Conn. Greenwood Press, 1998 : xvii, 139 p : ISBN 0313288763.

Elizabeth Keyes; Geoffrey Keyes, VC of the Rommel Raid. George Newman, London.

C.F. Aspinall-Oglander; Roger Keyes. Hogarth Press, London 1951 :  xv, 478 p. illus. 23 cm. : Biography of Admiral of the Fleet Lord Keyes of Zeebrugge and Dover, GCB., KCVO., CMG., DSO.

Paul G. Halpern (Edited by); The Keyes Papers. Published by Allen & Unwin, London for the Navy Records Society, 1972-1981. 3 vols : ill., maps ; 23 cm : Selections from the private and official correspondence of Admiral of the Fleet Baron Keyes of Zeebrugge.

David Lampe; Pyke the Unknown Genius. 1959. Geoffrey Pyke.

Philip Ziegler; Personal Diary of Admiral The Lord Louis Mountbatten - Supreme Allied Commander South-East Asia 1943 - 1946. Collins 1988 : ISBN 0-00-217607-6.

CM Wiles; From School to Landing Craft. A young man's war in letters. Richard Charles Wiles was only 17 when he joined the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNVR) at the outbreak of war. From a comfortable middle class life in 1939 to the deprivations of war years and beyond to 1947, the story unfolds. ISBN 978-178035-021-9.


Martin Sugarman; Fighting Back:  British Jewry’s Military Contribution in the Second World War. This book aims to set the record straight about the significant contribution of Jewry in WW2. In so doing it touches on Combined Operations raids such as Bruneval and St Nazaire as well as the largely Jewish No 3 Troop of No 10 Inter-Allied Commando. Published by Valentine Mitchell 2017. Full details at this Amazon link.

Julie Summers; Our Uninvited Guests. The secret lives of Britain's Country Houses 1939-45. This book offers behind-the-scenes glimpses of life in some of Britain's greatest country houses that were occupied by people who would never otherwise have set foot in such opulent surroundings. Published March 2018 by Simon & Schuster.

J Winton; Ultra at Sea; How Breaking the Nazi Code Affected Allied Naval Strategy During World War II. Published by William Heinemann Ltd (1988). ISBN 10: 0850528836 ISBN 13: 9780850528831.

D Fisher; The War Magician. The True Story of Jasper Maskelyne whose camouflage and deception in North Africa helped defeat Rommel. ISBN 10: 0304367095 ISBN 13: 9780304367092. Corgi (1985).

Peter Varey; Life on the Edge: Peter Danckwerts GC MBE Frs. After training briefly on disarming unexploded weaponry, young RNVR volunteer, Peter Dankwherts, found himself confronting parachute mines in the streets of London. He won a GC for his efforts. He then moved to Gibraltar where he was awarded an MBE for unravelling the secrets of limpet mines used by the Italians. Back in Britain he was placed in Combined Operations and spent two years planning and clearing up unexploded munitions after D-Day. Paperback: 378 pages, Publisher: PFV Publications (10 May 2012), ISBN-10: 0953844021, ISBN-13: 978-0953844029.

George Heron; HMS Intrepid - Her Final Journey. There are 100 glossy pages of images taken inside and outside of the ship. The images chronicle the ship's last days as she underwent recycling in Canada Dock, Liverpool. There are also stories, written by the men that served on her over her 33 years in service. the short stories tell of what life was like in the Royal Navy.

F H Hinsley; British Intelligence in the Second World War. Published by HMSOx Publications Centre, London (1994) ISBN 10: 011630961X ISBN 13: 9780116309617.

Francoise Gondree; Pegasus Bridge, le pont de l’ espoir.

Michael James Bendon; The Forgotten Flotilla. The intriguing story of one of Churchill's earliest landing craft flotillas operating in Greek waters in the dark days of 1940. Two well preserved wrecks were discovered by archaeologist Mike Bendon in shallow waters off a Greek island. Remarkably, the book contains the testimony of Temporary Sub-Lieutenant, RNVR, John Sutton who was in command of one of them! 208 pages full colour, hard bound with jacket. ISBN: 978 0 646 917085. www.forgottenflotilla.com

Terry Henson; Porky's War - The story of a real-life Freddie the Frogman on D-Day. How one cockney rebel was released early from a Royal Navy prison in order to join a secret all-volunteer unit of frogmen ( LCOCU ). They trained to demolish the landing-craft obstacles and mines set up by Rommel on the D-Day beaches. Paperback: 96 pages. Publisher: FireStep Press (Nov 2012). ISBN 10: 190833603X. ISBN-13: 978-1908336033.

Tonie and Valmai Holt; Guide Books (Normandy Arnhem etc). Illustrated guide books to the most visited battlefields of the First and Second World Wars. 6th edition of their Normandy guide will include GPS references for around 500 memorials.  www.guide-books.co.uk

David Fletcher; Swimming Shermans: Sherman DD Amphibious Tank of World War II. Illustrated by Tony Bryan. Osprey Publishing, Oxford, 2006. Paperback.  48pp.  ISBN: 1841769835 / 1-84176-983-5).

Stuart Hills; By Tank into Normandy. Orion Publishing Co, United Kingdom, 2003. Paperback. (ISBN: 9780304366408).

Ray Oram; This is my Story: This is my Song. The Wartime Memoirs of a 20 year old Landing Craft Skipper including Sicily, Italy and Normandy. Paperback. 234 pages with many photos. Published by Woodfield Publishers of Bognar Regis. ISBN 1-903953-70-7.

Paul Lund and Harry Ludlam; War of the Landing Craft. W Foulsham and Co. 1976 ISBN 0-572-00935-6.

Victor S Wigmore; Memoirs of a Concrete Consultant. Pub in 1979 by New Horizon, 5, Victoria Drive, Bognor Regis, West Sussex : ISBN 0 86116 127 0 : [Author was a consulting engineer on the Mulberry Harbour project in SE of England. His speciality was in the use of concrete. Chapter VII of his book describes aspects of his work on Mulberry].

Jane Evans, E. Palmer & R. Walter. A Harbour Goes to War - The Story of Mulberry and The Men Who Made it Happen. ISBN 1873547307 : [The Mulberry harbours were a vital link in the supply chain  following the Normandy invasion. This is the story of their development in Scotland, and their use, using  personal anecdotes and photographs]

Edward Ellsberg; The Far Shore.  (A book about the Mulberry harbours). Published by Dodd, Mead & Co., New York, 1960.

Alfred Stanford; Force Mulberry. William Morrow and Co, 1951 : [The Planning & Installation of the artificial harbor off U.S. Normandy Beaches].

Mark Hughes; Conwy Mulberry Harbour. Paperback, ISBN 0-86381-757-2.

G Hartcup; Code Name Mulberry. Published 1977 David & Charles, London & Hippocrene Books Inc NY : [The Planning, Building and Operation of the Normandy Harbors].

Hubert G Male; Being in All Respects Ready for Sea. James Publishing, London, 1992. ISBN1 85756 030 2.

Doug Shears; Damn my two left feet...and how I flew with them. Jeff Mill & Associates 4/8 Nile St, Timaru, New Zealand. 2001 : [New Zealander Doug Shears was a pilot with 516 RAF Sqd attached to Combined Operations. His book includes a chapter on his experiences with them].

Phil Jones; Airfield Focus - No. 35 Dundonald. GMS Enterprises, 67 Pyhill, Peterborough, PE3 8QQ : 1998 :  ISBN 1 870384 66 0.

John Farthing & Tim Wander; Where PLUTO Crosses the Path. 25 guided walks, with maps, for walkers and historians which identify and locate the residual evidence of the PLUTO pipeline of WW2 on the Isle of Wight. Available on Amazon and www.marconibooks.co.uk


Adrian Searle; PLUTO Pipe-line under the Ocean. Shanklin Chine, 12 Pomona Road, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, O37 6PF : ISBN 0 9525876 0 2.

Bob Knight, Harry Smith & Barry Barnett; PLUTO - World War 11's Best-Kept Secret. Published in 1998 by Bexley Council : [Softback about the involvement of The Callender Cable Co. in the PLUTO project].

Michael Cumming. Radar Reflections - The Secret Lives of Air Force Radar Mechanics in WW2. Radar Associates, Calgary, Alberta 2000 : ISBN 1-894255 10 0.

Hughes-Wilson, Col .John; Military Intelligence Blunders. London: Robinson Publishing, 1999 : ISBN 1841190675 : [Includes Dieppe and D-day].

Wilfred Eggleston; Scientists at War.1950.

Guy Hart; The Challenge of War: Scientific and Engineering Contributions in WW2. ISBN 0-7153-4789-6.

Hugh Sebag-Montefiore; ENIGMA the Battle of Code. Paperback 2001.

Bruce Macdermott; Ships Without Names. The story of the RN's Tank Landing Ships : Arms and Armour Press 1992.

George K Grande, Sheila M Linden & Horace R Macauly; Canadians on Radar 1940 -1945. Published by The Canadian History Project 2000 :  ISBN 0-9687596 0 2.

Charles Cruikshank; Deception in WW2. OUP 1981.

Louis Allan; Burma - The Longest War 1941-1945. Cassell & Co, Military Section 2000 :  ISBN 0-304-35370-1.

John Keegan; Six Armies in Normandy. 1982. ISBN 0-7126-5579-4.

Stephen E Ambrose; Day June 6 1944: The Climatic Battle of WW2. 1994 :  ISBN 0-67334-3.

B Carruthers and S Trew; The Normandy Battles. Cassell & Co Military Section :  ISBN 0 35396 5.

John des S Winser; Short Sea Long War. World Ship Society, Gravesend, Kent : [The story of 119 Cross Channel Ships commandeered by the R.N. to fly the White Ensign].

George W Ball; The Past has another Pattern.1982 :  ISBN 0-393-01481-9.

R W Thompson; The Price of Victory. Constable, London 1960.

Lt. Col. Mains; Field Security - Very Ordinary Intelligence. Piction Publishing (Chippenham) Ltd : [An account of his time in the Intelligence Corps where he attained the position of Chief Intelligence Officer of Central Command in India in 1946].

Ken Small; The Forgotten Dead. Bloomsbury :  ISBN 0-7475 Q433 4.

Guy Hartcup; The Challenge of War: Scientific and Engineering Contributions to World War II. 1970 : ISBN 0-7153-4789-6.

Max Perutz; I wish I'd made you angry earlier - Essays on Science and Scientists. ISBN 0879696745 : Includes an essay that discusses the development of Pykrete entitled 'Enemy Alien'.

George R. Lindsey; No Day Long Enough. Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies 1997.

Henry Buckton; Forewarned is Forearmed. An Official Tribute and History of the ROC. Ashford, Buchan & Enright 1993 :  ISBN 1–85253-292-0.

Derek Wood; Attack Warning Red. The ROC and the Defence of Britain 1925 to 1975 : Macdonald and Jane’s 1976 : ISBN 0356 08411 6.

Dennis Royal; United States Navy Base Two. Americans at Roseneath 1941 - 45. The Douglas Press, Colintraive, Argyll, PA22 3AE. ISBN 1 902831 802.


We are indebted to J.N. (Hans) Houterman of Walcheren for his expertise and advice and to countless visitors to the website who have added to the list over the years. If you have any 'Combined Operations' related books to recommend please contact us.

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