WW2 land, sea and air forces of the Allied Nations planning, training and operating together as a unified force on amphibious raids and landings against the enemy.

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Each year, hundreds of thousands visit our 200 web pages & 4000 photos. Published & hosted by Geoff Slee since 2000.
Saving our Com. Ops. Heritage for future generations. See veterans' personal recollections in 40 D Day Stories.

~ Volunteers Required for Research and Drafting ~

Volunteers with an interest in WW2 history and access to a computer are invited to contact me for information about researching and writing pages for this website.

WW2 Combined Operations is an immense subject of interest to many people worldwide. Around 400,000 visits are made to the website each year. There are many 'Combined Ops' stories worthy of adding to the website, which are presently less accessible in books, public records, archives, personal papers and on various websites. To unlock these stories is beyond our resources.

Some of the pages on the website started off as very brief accounts amounting to just a few hundred words. Subsequent comments and contributions from website visitors have seen some pages grow hugely in length and quality of content. The best example is PLUTO [Pipeline under the Ocean], which started life as a 300 word summary. It has been added to greatly since then and it has spawned two other pages -  'PLUTO Resurrected' and 'PLUTO Pipeline Manufacturing Machines,' both of which can be accessed from the PLUTO page.

There are around 200 pages on the website with room for at least another 50. The greatest contribution you can make is not, surprisingly, in writing the pages to the point of perfection... it's in researching, assembling the information into logical sequence and preparing a rough draft or even headings with related facts, information and opinion. We are also very happy to receive final drafts from those who wish to produce them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal for help. If you'd like more information please don't hesitate to drop me a line without any obligation whatsoever.

Geoff Slee

 Pages to be added to the website

This is a list of the more obvious subjects which will be added to the website. Since the list is not comprehensive please get in touch if you know of something that should be added.

  •  Major Landings - 1943 Salerno, Italy (Avalanche); Jan 1944 Anzio, Italy  (Shingle); Aug 1944 South of France (Dragoon); Jan 1945 Arakan, Burma; May 1945 Rangoon, Burma (Dracula). Malay Coast Sep 1945 (Operation Zipper).

  •  Commando Actions - 3 Sep '43 Reggio, Italy; 11 Sep '43 Taranto Italy;  15 Aug '44 Anvil, France; 3 Jan '45 Akyab, Arakan Peninsula; 12 Jan '45  River Myebon, Arakon Peninsula;  21 Jan '45 Ramree, Arakan Peninsula; 22 Jan '45 Kangaw, Arakan Peninsula; 26 Jan '45 Cheduba, Arakan Peninsula; 16 Feb '45 Ruywa, Arakan Peninsula; Apr '45, Comacchio, Italy.

  •  Operation Agreement (Tobruk)

  •  Glossary of terms - definitions of ranks, units etc in the 3 services in WW2.

  •  Commando histories - Nos 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10 (Inter-Allied), 12,14, 30 and Royal Marine Commandos.

  •  Combined Operations HQ (COHQ).

  •  Brief biographies of the main players. From COHQ in 1942 Willets, Horan, Haydon, Robb, Wildman-Lushington and Ellis and others such as Hobart, Hughes Hallett etc to name but a few.

  •  Small Scale Raiding Force (SSRF). See brief account of the SSRF which is in need of expansion.

  •  Parachute Regiment.